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Warsaw. Winter at Chopin Airport

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Despite heavy snowfall, Chopin Airport operates without interruptions. However, passengers must expect delays as planes have to go through a de-icing procedure in cold weather.

Saturday greeted the inhabitants of the capital with intense snowfall. It rained hardest at night and in the morning. Around noon, the snowstorm began to give way to light rain and sleet. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management forecasts that temporarily weak freezing rain or drizzle causing black ice is still possible in Mazovia.

The effects of Saturday’s weather may be felt not only by drivers and pedestrians. Airport services are also struggling with snowy runways. – Chopin Airport operates normally, air operations take place on both runways – informs Anna Dermont, spokeswoman for Chopin Airport. – Due to the snow, delays should be expected, because in such weather the planes have to go through a several-minute de-icing procedure. A delay at the exit can result in a delay at the next stage and a knock-on effect, he explains.

He also appeals to passengers to plan their arrival at the airport well in advance to avoid traffic jams caused by snowfall.

How does airport snow removal work?

For the Chopin Airport surface maintenance service, winter starts every year on October 15 and, regardless of weather conditions, lasts until April 15 of the following year

There are always 16 snow clearing sets ready for immediate departure, seven compact blast machines, four units of chemical shielding equipment, three power plows and many other support vehicles and machines. As the airport explains, this equipment configuration allows for efficient snow removal from runways to the required width in one pass, chemical protection of the surface against icing, as well as ongoing snow removal and chemical protection of apron surfaces.

– At Chopin Airport, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the most modern equipment for clearing snow from the airport surface is ready for immediate departure. The efficient course of operations is also supervised by over 200 specialists, thanks to whom Chopin Airport is considered by pilots to be one of the safest and most reliable airports in Europe in winter conditions, emphasizes Dermont.

Main photo source: TVN24

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