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Warsaw. Winter in the city 2022 action. Are there any vacancies?

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There are still vacancies for “Winter in the City” – informed the town hall. In total, the parents have already enrolled around five thousand children, but there are still over three thousand vacancies for both camps.

In Mazovia, winter holidays begin on Monday, January 31 and will last until February 13. Once again, the capital city hall is organizing the “Winter in the City” campaign, during which Warsaw students can take advantage of the activities offered by sports and recreation centers, municipal offices and district offices, schools and non-governmental organizations operating in the areas of education, sport and recreation, tourism and culture .

Children will find care in Feria Educational Institutions five days a week, from 7-8 to 16-17. Parents pay for meals and care. The fee is PLN 15 a day for two meals, including one warm meal and PLN 35 a day for care. – There are still places available. At the moment, we have about five thousand children enrolled in the “Winter in the City” campaign. There are still slightly more than three thousand vacancies for both stays – said Monika Beuth-Lutyk, spokeswoman for the capital city hall on Friday.

You can enroll your child at any time here >>>


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Classes for children in the sanitary regime

The Warsaw action “Winter in the City” 2022 is organized in the form of day camps in accordance with the guidelines of the ministries of education and health, as well as sanepid.

According to the recommendations, the presence of outsiders in FPE will be limited to the necessary minimum, contact with outsiders will be limited, the minimum space for conducting classes in the room will not be smaller than 3.5 sq m. per person, staying in generally accessible places, including those typical for winter recreation, will take place with limited direct contact with third parties, e.g. by designating a space for a group, for people employed during holidays, and participants, if parents have not done so, individual personal protective equipment will be provided, including disposable masks, hand disinfectants.

As the town hall pointed out, because it is not possible to check whether the children are vaccinated at the entrance to the facility, body temperature will be checked, face mask checked, and hands disinfected. “According to the guidelines of MEiN, Ministry of Health and GIS: The organizer treats the child, unless he received information about the child’s immunization from the parents / legal guardians (vaccination certificate), as unvaccinated and includes in the organization of leisure as a person to whom the limits were imposed (cinema, Restaurants, swimming pools, etc.). Parents can therefore voluntarily pass the information about the vaccination of their child to the organizer of the holiday “- he added.

There are no limits for unvaccinated people in Feria Educational Institutions. “According to the guidelines of MEiN, Ministry of Health and GIS, the minimum space for conducting classes in a room cannot be smaller than 3.5 m2 per 1 person. The group of leisure participants cannot exceed 15 people (in the case of children up to 10 years of age and a mixed group) and up to 20 people (children over 10 years of age). Entry limits and the number of people staying in a given facility may be present, for example, in sports centers at swimming pools, in accordance with government guidelines “- emphasized the town hall.

In the event that one of the children is diagnosed with a coronavirus, the organizer will contact the Sanitary Inspectorate and follow its recommendations. In the case of the child’s absence, the participation fee is refundable.

We also informed about the new regulation of the Minister of Education and Science:

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