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Warsaw. Witnesses said he deliberately ran over the dog. Process

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The trial against Sławomir O., suspected of intentionally running over a dog, will start in May in the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów. According to witnesses, the 62-year-old hit the dog intentionally, in front of the owner. The quadruped did not survive the accident.

The event happened in August last year at Zięby Street in Warsaw’s Ursynów district. According to police findings, the owner went out with his cocker spaniel for an afternoon walk. He took him where dogs can run free. It was a green area near a dirt road.

Witnesses: He intentionally hit the dog

At one point, a car was passing this road. – People who walked animals in this place, not for the first time, saw that the man sitting behind the wheel of a passenger car disregards the fact that people with dogs walk by the road and on it, and he always accelerated there. So they reacted quickly and took their dogs. However, the victim did not make it, police said.

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She also reported that, according to witnesses, the driver of the Peugeot saw a cocker spaniel on the roadside, but accelerated and deliberately hit it.

The dog’s injuries were too extensive

– All unanimously say that he did it on purpose. He stopped only after a few dozen meters. He left, looked at the suffering animal, exchanged a few words with the owner, and drove off. The owner ran to the dog. The animal was clearly in great pain. One of the women offered to help take the dog to the vet. Despite fighting for his life, he could not be saved. The injuries were too extensive, police said.

The owner of the hit quadruped informed the officers about everything, they quickly determined who the driver of the Peugeot was. 62-year-old Sławomir O. was detained. He heard charges of committing a crime under the Animal Protection Act.

The case was dealt with by the Warsaw-Ursynów District Prosecutor’s Office, which filed an indictment against the man with the court. According to PAP, the first date of the hearing in the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów was set for May 11.

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The hit-and-run took place in PłońskKPP Płońsk

Main photo source: KRP II

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