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Warsaw Wola. He tried to hide something in the ventilation grille, now he has serious problems

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They noticed him because he was trying to hide something in a vent in the facade of the building. Initially, the police wanted to check the identity of the 28-year-old, but they detained him and the prosecutor charged him.

Police officers from the patrol and intervention department in Wola noticed a man who was trying to hide something in the ventilation grille in the facade of the building.

“He was nervous, looked away. He couldn’t explain what he was trying to hide,” the Warsaw police said in a statement. “During further activities, it turned out that he had various prohibited substances in his backpack and sweatshirt” – as it turned out, m.in. drugs.

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He faces a heavy penalty

During a search of the 28-year-old’s apartment, police found more portions of various substances. All, a total of several dozen portions, were submitted for testing.

Investigators gathered evidence, and the suspect was brought to the Warsaw-Wola District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, where he was charged with possession of a large amount of psychotropic substances, including cocaine, amphetamines and 4-CMC.

He faces up to 10 years in prison.

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Main photo source: KSP

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