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Warsaw, Wola. Wife accused of murdering her husband. He claims that the man lost his balance and “stumbled on a knife”

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Monika P. was accused of murdering her husband at the end of November at Ludwiki Street in Warsaw’s Wola district. According to investigators, the 44-year-old stabbed a man in the chest with a knife during a domestic row. One blow with a sharp implement took his life. The woman explained to the investigators that the 44-year-old Janusz lost his balance and “ran into a knife”. The accused is facing life imprisonment.

ABOUT 44-year-old girl from Wola suspected of fatally stabbing her husband we reported at the beginning of December. The preliminary findings of the investigators showed that there was a row between the spouses.

On Monday, November 30, around 4 p.m., a nervous woman called the emergency number and informed that a man with a stab wound in the area of ​​his heart was lying in the staircase of the block at Ludwiki Street. An ambulance arrived at the scene. There were two women next to the man, one of them shouted “Janek, don’t die!”. The rescuers did not manage to save the man’s life, he died on the spot as a result of very deep injuries. During a later autopsy, it was found that his heart and left lung were damaged, among others.

The woman who called for help was a neighbor of the deceased Janusz P. Monika P., the victim’s wife, asked her for support. She claimed that during a marital row caused by Janusz P.’s jealousy about his wife’s affair, the man grabbed the knife he used to make sandwiches with and drove it into his heart. She presented the same version to the police officers, whom she argued that just before giving himself the fatal blow, Janusz P. was to declare that “if he cannot have her, no other man will have her”. The policemen remembered that she was shaky and cried. At the time of her arrest, she had about a ounce of alcohol in her blood.

The investigation was conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warszawa-Wola. In the course of the preparatory proceedings, numerous witnesses were questioned, including the victim’s family and neighbors from the block at Ludwiki Street. Their testimonies show that the conflict between Monika P. and her husband had lasted for several months. Both the neighbors and the relatives of the deceased knew that the reasons for numerous quarrels and scuffles were the financial problems of the family and the extramarital relationship in which the accused got involved. Their teenage daughters have repeatedly asked for an intervention in relation to their parents’ behavior.

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He was supposed to lose his balance and “fall on the knife”

On the day of Janusz P.’s murder, his wife returned home in the morning. Investigators found that she spent the weekend with a new partner. Monika P. could not get into the apartment because the door had been replaced. Her husband let her in and they had a brawl for two hours. The daughters of the couple P. were away from home at that time. When Monika P. fell asleep, her husband was to lock her up at home and leave. The 44-year-old threatened her husband by phone that he would turn on the gas and blow up the apartment if he did not let her out. Janusz P. asked his neighbor to close the gas supply in the stairwell and return home in the early afternoon. The spouses continued their quarrel, Janusz P. ordered his wife to pack her things and move out.

According to Monika P., around 15 she got a text message from her daughter, but her husband snatched the phone from her hand, suspecting correspondence with her lover. Janusz P. threw the phone on the floor and the woman threw herself at him. She was pushed back and she fell. In later explanations, the 44-year-old modified the version of the events by admitting that it was she who grabbed the knife that was lying on the bench in the living room. She claimed that she wanted to scare her husband, not kill him, but the aggrieved person would lose his balance and “get stuck on that knife”. Janusz P. left the apartment after being stabbed with a knife. The surveillance video shows him falling over, and Monika P. runs up to him several times, walks away and comes back. She returned to the apartment, among others to the blanket with which she tried to compress the bleeding wound.

The 43-year-old was arrested by the policeKSP

Two charges, the woman faces life imprisonment

Monika P. will answer before the District Court in Warsaw for two crimes. The first is the prosecutor’s accusation of killing her husband “with a possible intention”. The public prosecutor stated that the woman did not want to kill Janusz P., but she had to reckon with such a result when striking him with a knife in the vicinity of the heart.

The second act accused of Monika P. concerns the events of the night of August 30-31, 2019. There was a row between the spouses in the kitchen while the woman was preparing sandwiches. She held a long kitchen knife in her hand. According to her account, she was gesturing strongly and nervously, and her husband tried to snatch the knife from her and grabbed the blade with his hand, injuring her. The prosecution found that the woman had acted with the intention of directly injuring her husband and consciously gave him a blow against which the man defended himself with his hand. The police and the ambulance service intervened, but then, at the persuasion of his wife, Janusz P. was supposed to refrain from giving evidence against Monika P.

The woman is facing a sentence of life imprisonment. He is currently in custody.

Main photo source: KSP

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