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Warsaw. Women’s Strike protest before the Sejm. They are opposed to the bill on the prohibition of abortion

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On December 1, protests of people associated with the Women’s Strike under the slogan “#NieChiejPolskoMojejKrwi” are held in front of the Sejm in Warsaw and in other Polish cities. The participants are against the bill, which is to be read in the Sejm and – if it is passed in the future – will lead to a complete ban on abortion in Poland.

The protest in Warsaw started around 6 p.m. On December 1 and 2, the Sejm is scheduled to read the first reading of the citizens’ bill amending the act, which concerns “restoring the state of compliance with the Constitution in the field of protection of the life of conceived children, as well as extending the application of the provisions of the Penal Code concerning protection of human health and life on conceived children “. The result of the adoption of this bill is to introduce an absolute prohibition of termination of pregnancy.

– There are people from the Women’s Strike in front of the Sejm. Opponents of abortion also manifest themselves nearby. There are also large police forces here that separate the groups from each other – says Tomasz Zieliński, the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl.

“A complete ban on abortion, a pregnancy registry, the Institute of Uterus Control. All this is being prepared for us by PiS together with fascists from the Confederation, at the request and to the satisfaction of Polish bishops and other fundamentalists who hate women. Not enough of us die. Not enough of us has wasted our lives. Not enough of us has wasted our lives. We are suffering. The hateful motherland of Pisov is reprimanding about us again. And we are warning: #NieChiejPolskoMojejKrwi “- wrote the Women’s Strike on Facebook in the announcement of Wednesday’s event.


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Protest in front of the SejmTomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

Pregnancy register and the project of the Wróblewski Institute

The participants of the demonstration are opposed not only to the bill on abortion, but also to other plans. “pregnancy registry”. “From 1 January, all medical entities will enter information about patients with pregnancies into the Medical Information System,” Krzysztof Brejza, senator of the Civic Coalition, wrote on Twitter last week. It is about a draft amendment to the ordinance of the minister of health.

On Wednesday, the government’s e-Health Center issued a statement on the matter. It reads that “the need to report and obtain information about pregnancy is dictated by medical considerations.” “In addition, the use of information about pregnancy is necessary to verify additional entitlements, such as the entitlement of pregnant women to receive free medicines or the right to access benefits out of sequence” – added Centrum e-Zdrowie.

The Women’s Strike is also opposed to the project Of the Wróblewski Institute. At the beginning of November, PiS deputies submitted to the Sejm a bill on the Polish Institute of Family and Demography. The project initiator is, among others, MP Bartłomiej Wróblewski, who would co-author the application to the Constitutional Tribunal on tightening the anti-abortion law. The most important tasks of the institute include, among others, collecting, developing and providing public authorities with information on demographic, social and cultural phenomena and processes in Poland, as well as preparing analyzes, expert opinions and forecasting studies, as well as organizing and conducting scientific research, as well as issuing opinions on draft laws and regulations in terms of their impact on the situation of families, fertility and other demographic processes.

The draft law on the Polish Institute of Family and Demography aroused great emotions in the Sejm on Tuesday. During the first reading, there was a heated debate in the plenary hall. According to the opposition, “this is a project for PLN 30 million to promote the conservative Catholic model of the family and the world chosen by the applicants.”

– This is the moment when you have to speak to this authority in a language that it understands. We are addressing the PiS and Confederation MPs, because they will ultimately decide whether the Ordo Iuris project – fundamentalists of the Church and fascists – will be passed. They will vote, so we are now going against them in this warning action – said Marta Lempart, the leader of the Women’s Strike last week, announcing Wednesday’s actions throughout Poland.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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