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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Warsaw. Work on the new POW bridge is slowly coming to an end. How much did they cost? What was renovated?

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Works on the bridge of the South Ring Road of Warsaw are coming to an end. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways informs that the permanent traffic organization will return on Saturday.

As reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, they started at the beginning of the week works on the bridge of the South Bypass of Warsaw, which was commissioned in December. Road workers milled the surface and then laid new asphalt on it. Now the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways informs that the works are slowly coming to an end, along the way, road builders describe the details of the investment and state how much they will pay for it.

When is the end of the difficulties?

On Friday evening, Małgorzata Tarnowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, announced that the works related to the replacement of the top layer of the pavement are coming to an end.

– A wear layer has already been laid. What remains is to clean it, adjust the de-icing system disks, recreate the marking and dismantle the marking of the temporary traffic organization. Due to the heavy rainfall on Friday, the works will be completed on Saturday. After their completion, the regular traffic organization will be restored in the afternoon, she said.

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– After the works were completed, we checked the quality of these works. The results showed a significant improvement in relation to the previous parameters of the longitudinal evenness of the pavement. The result obtained is two times better than the allowable one, which will certainly be felt by drivers – she added.

Who will pay for it?

As the spokeswoman said, the work is carried out under the guarantee, which means that all costs are borne by the contractor of this task.

– He was obliged to them because the results of the longitudinal equality tests performed by GDDKiA did not meet the requirements specified in the terms of the contract. It should be noted that such tests were repeated many times in the spring, with the weather conditions required for the measurements, informs Tarnowska.

Before starting the works, the contractor was to prepare a repair program, then an executive design and a temporary traffic organization plan. Only after the approval of individual documents and the preparation of the work schedule was it possible to start the implementation stage.

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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