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Warsaw. Works of railway workers in Wawer. They will close Kaczeńca Street

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The difficulties are related to the modernization of railway line No. 7. On Monday evening, December 5, Kaczeńca Street in Wawer will be closed to traffic. A detour will be prepared for drivers and buses.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA is carrying out works on the railway line No. 7 on the Warszawa Wschodnia Osobowa – Warszawa Wawer section. At this stage, railway workers will build a sewage system in the area of ​​the intersection of Kaczeńca and Skrzyneckiego streets and an underground passage under the tracks. Kaczeńca Street will be closed for the duration of the work.

The ban on entering Kaczeńca Street will apply from property No. 22 (between Akwarelowa and Korsuńska) to the petrol station – under the viaduct of Czecha Street. Drivers will not enter Kaczeńca from Skrzyneckiego Street either. Exit from the petrol station will be possible only to the left, to Wydawnicza Street.


Drivers going towards the center will be able to avoid the difficulties along Korkowa and Kościuszkowce Streets to the Czech Republic. From the other side, it will be possible to enter the Czech viaduct from Sejmikowa Street. Alternative detours will also lead along the following streets: Korkowa, Rekrucka and Marsa to Płowiecka or from Żegańska to Zwoleńska, Patriotów and Visible to Czech.

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The contractor will also change the traffic rules at the intersection of Czecha and Potockie. In order to facilitate the exit from the housing estates and enable drivers driving along Potockich Street to turn left, the barrier in the lane separating the road will be dismantled and temporary traffic lights will be installed. Thanks to this, Czecha driving towards Wesoła will be able to turn from the extreme left lane into Potockich Street. Marysińska Street will lose its connection with Czecha.

Additional traffic lights will also be installed at the intersection of Wydawnicza and Sejmikowa Streets.

The works will be completed in 2023

The Contractor informs that such traffic organization will be in force until the end of April 2023. Work will then be carried out on the other side of the tracks. The entire investment is to be completed in December 2023.

Due to the closure of Kaczeńca Street for vehicular traffic, bus line 305 will change its route. In the direction of the Strusia loop, from the intersection of Czecha and Sejmikowa, the vehicles will go along the following streets: Czecha, Wierzchowskiego, Alpejska, Kajki, Kościuszkowce and Korkowa, back to Czecha and its main route.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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