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Warsaw. Works on Plac Bankowy, new asphalt in front of the town hall

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Resurfacing on the eastern side of Plac Bankowy will start this weekend. Drivers will use one carriageway in both directions. Buses will be diverted.

As the capital city hall explains in the communiqué, the replacement of the surface on the square was preceded by paving works and curb regulation. Work on laying the new asphalt will begin on Saturday, August 19, at 4 am and will last until 4 am on Monday, August 21.

One thread will be left for drivers

Throughout the weekend, the eastern roadway of Plac Bankowy, i.e. the one located closer to the so-called Blue Skyscraper, leading to Aleja “Solidarity”, will be closed. Traffic in both directions will be on the City Hall side. Drivers traveling from the center will have one lane at their disposal – first the one used by buses normally, and then one of the ‘contra-current’ lanes. At the intersection with Senatorska and Elektoralna streets, they will turn into both streets, but they will only go straight through Aleja “Solidarności”. Those who want to go towards the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge and further to Praga will have to take a detour along Senatorska and Nowy Przejazd streets. Driving towards Aleja Jana Pawła II, you should go straight along Andersa Street and turn into Nowolipki.

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On the other hand, from the side of Andersa Street, at Plac Bankowy, there will be one lane less, but the possibility of turning into Senatorska and Elektoralna Streets will be preserved. One lane less to turn into the square will also be available to those driving along “Solidarity” Avenue – from the side of the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge.

Temporary organization of traffic on Plac BankowyWarsaw City Hall

Difficulties for pedestrians and passengers

Pedestrians will also be affected over the weekend. The passages on the northern side of the square, i.e. at the exit from the Ratusz-Arsenał metro station and at the height of the Juliusz Słowacki monument, will be closed. Pedestrians will have to use the adjacent lanes – through Andersa Street and at the intersection with Senatorska Street.

Buses on weekends: 171, 222, 520, N11, N13, N16, N21, N42, N61, N63 will change their routes.

171, N42 – only in the direction of Chomiczówka and Osiedle Górczewska, they will go: Marszałkowska, Królewska, Grzybowska, Aleja Jana Pawła II, Aleja “Solidarity” and further along their routes;

222 – in the direction of Bielańska they will go through: Plac Bankowy, Andersa, Metro Ratusz-Arsenał 02 stop, while in the direction of Spartańska: Metro Ratusz-Arsenał 01, Andersa, Plac Bankowy, Senatorska, Wierzbowa and further along their route;

520 – in the direction of Plac Bankowy, they will pass through: Plac Bankowy, Andersa, Metro Ratusz-Arsenał 02 stop, while towards Marysin, buses will depart from the Plac Bankowy 01 stop;

N11, N16, N21, N61, N71 – only in the direction of the Derby estate, PKP Zacisze-Wilno, Stara Miłosna, Marek and Wola Grzybowska, they will go: Marszałkowska, Senatorska, Nowy Przejazd, Aleja “Solidarności and further along their routes;

N13, N63 – only in the direction of Nowodwory and Chotomów, they will go through: Emilii Plater, Świętokrzyska, Aleja Jana Pawła II and further along their routes.

During this time, Bielańska 01 and Pl. Bankowy 02, 04. A replacement stop will be opened at Plac Bankowy 52 for the night lines N11, N16, N21, N61 and N71, on Senatorska Street, at the intersection with Marszałkowska Street.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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