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Warsaw. Works on the railway viaduct, difficulties in Powiśle

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Railway workers will carry out work on the viaduct over Kruczkowskiego Street, which means difficulties for drivers and passengers of public transport. The first changes in the organization of traffic will appear on Monday.

From Tuesday, drivers will use the new signage. So are public buses. The town hall pointed out that this is not yet the renovation of the cross-city line announced by the railway workers. Only maintenance works will be carried out on the railway viaduct, which are necessary due to its technical condition. On ul. Kruczkowski, the first signs and fences will appear on Monday, March 27. Work will start the next day. Railway workers will then occupy the right lanes on both roadways of ul. Kruczkowski under the renovated building.

The narrower Kruczkowskiego Street

Due to the works, the organization of traffic will change, Kruczkowskiego Street will be narrowed. Just before the Poniatowski Bridge viaduct – from the right lane towards Tamka – it will be possible to turn right only, i.e. into al. 3rd of May. Only public buses will go straight from this lane. The second lane – straight ahead – will remain open to the public. Behind the railway viaduct, drivers will again use the full width of the roadway.

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Changes in traffic organization on Kruczkowskiego StreetWarsaw City Hall

Moving towards ul. Książęca and Ludna will use one lane – from the Beyer Park to the railway crossing. The speed limit in the area of ​​works will be 40 km/h. This stage of work will last until the end of April. Then the railway workers will take the left (inner) lanes of ul. Kruczkowski.

Changes for pedestrians and public transport

During the works, pedestrians will be able to pass under the railway viaduct, but the sidewalks on both sides of the road will be narrower. On the section from the “zebra” – at the height of ul. Red Cross to the railway viaduct, on the side of the park – the pavement will be available only for pedestrians (temporarily there will be no pedestrian and bicycle route here). On the remaining section, cyclists will move on the existing rules.

The bus stop of line 162 – PKP Powiśle 04 – located under the renovated railway facility will be suspended. Instead, a temporary stop will be launched under the viaduct of the Poniatowski Bridge – approx. 100 meters before the current one.

This week next door viaduct of the Poniatowski Bridge Warsaw road builders started their work

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Rafał Trzaskowski on consultations on the Tempo 30 zonesTVN24

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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