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Warsaw. Works on the second metro line section in Targówek are nearing completion

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The construction of the next section of the second metro line in Targówek is at its final stage – informs the town hall. The area, which so far has been used as a construction back-up facility, is awaiting revitalization. Work has already started on Kondratowicza Street, which is to turn into a green space.

Work on the section of the second metro line, running through Targówek, is nearing completion. Soon, without changing, you will be able to get from here to Bemowo. However, changes take place not only underground. We take the opportunity to change one of the most important streets on the right side of the Vistula River. We focus on the comfort of residents and safety – says Michał Olszewski, vice-president of Warsaw, quoted in the announcement on this subject.

Reconstruction of Kondratowicza Street City Hall

The underground work is over, time for changes on the surface

The completion of the underground works means that the changes carried out on the surface can start at full speed. The City Hall explains that for logistical and safety reasons, they could not take place simultaneously. “Kondratowicza Street in a large section was the backbone for the construction of the second metro line. It was here that construction materials and machines were stored. However, the area has already been vacated, so that road workers could start work” – reads the release.

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Officials ensure that Kondratowicza will completely change along the entire key section, i.e. between Rembielińska and św. Vincent. Three municipal units are responsible for road works: Metro Warszawskie, Public Transport Authority and Public Roads Authority.

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We are actually building this street from scratch. The inhabitants of Targówek have the right to be a bit tired, because the construction of new stations began a few years ago, but it is worth waiting a few more months. Kondratowicza previously was a street inconvenient for anyone, full of what could be described as “pedestrian and driving routes” “. After the reconstruction, it will be a safe place, which is easy to reach, also by bike, it is pleasant to go for a walk and where it is easy to park Łukasz Puchalski, director of ZDM assured.

What is happening on Kondratowicza?

Road works to Kondratowicza, carried out by ZDM, have been going on for over two months. At that time, the control tests of the substrate were completed, the area of ​​future roadways was shaped and part of the foundation was constructed. One of the bus bays was also built. Works related to laying curbs are currently underway. In the coming days, binding layers will also be laid and old asphalt will be milled.

The section being rebuilt by the subway contractor Gülermak is also at an advanced stage. As described by the town hall – you can see the paved asphalt, new pavements arranged in many places, as well as the traces of future pedestrian crossings within the intersections. Traffic light masts have been partially installed.

Kondratowicza, in addition to the renovated roadways and sidewalks, will also gain completely new lighting. As many as 282 LED lanterns will appear here. The city will install traffic lights in five locations along Kondratowicza Street: at the intersections with Łabiszyńska Street and Chodecka Street, at the entrance to Mazowiecki Szpital Bródnowski, and at two pedestrian crossings.

What is happening here today is the implementation of my shy vision from 2015. The investment combines great ideas of the city side and the expectations of residents, expressed, among others, during public consultations. The new Kondratowicza Street will complement the changes initiated by the construction of the metro. We are moving away from the old way of thinking about the road as an asphalt space only for drivers. Now cyclists and pedestrians will also feel comfortable here. All without losing a single lane. I am looking forward to it – said Iwona Wujastyk, chairman of the Infrastructure and Investments Committee of the Warsaw Council.

Kondratowicza Street – visualization City Hall

Nearly 700 trees and improved safety

However, as the town hall assures, this is not the end of the changes that await Kondratowicza Street. Warsaw plans to plant nearly 700 trees. The eye will be delighted with maples, ash trees, plane trees, lindens, cherries, apple trees and chestnut trees. The new plantings will complement the existing rows of trees – greenery will appear not only on both sides of the street, but in its central part. Depending on the species, the trees will be from 5 to 9 meters high, up to the top of the crown. Ultimately, along ul. Kondratowicza will have nearly a thousand trees. They will be enriched with shrubs and climbers. There will be plenty of new lawns and flower meadows.

Nearby, on Kondratowicza Street – in a place where the subway will not run – traffic lights are under construction. It is about the intersection with ul. Blokowa and Przy Grodzisku. The lights that will be created there will cover all four existing pedestrian crossings. The investment will increase the safety of the area. Until now, many drivers have exceeded the speed limit at this point.

The city is also planning to renovate the nearby Chodecka Street. In the section between the streets of Wyszogrodzka and Kondratowicza, the road surface will be replaced. Sidewalks and a bicycle path will also be renovated. The contractor has already started to prepare the investment, including preparation of temporary traffic organization.

Opening of ul. Kondratowicza is planned by the end of 2022. Recent works, other than road works – related to, inter alia, with greenery will be completed in 2023.

Kondratowicza Street – visualization City Hall

Main photo source: City Hall

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