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Warsaw. Yellow Ribbon March. Postulates

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On October 10, the Yellow Ribbon March was passed through the streets of Warsaw for the fifth time by the World Mental Health Day. “It is important that people in a mental crisis have the best support so that we do not lose them, so that they can, like everyone else, love and work. Create happy bonds and fulfill themselves and stand up for themselves” – the organizers explain.

The march is an expression of solidarity with people experiencing mental crises and their relatives. The participants of the march told the TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Telmińska about their postulates. – We’re asking for money. We really want psychiatry to be funded, just as cardiology was funded in the past. Thanks to this, you can react quickly and save people who have a heart attack – said one of the participants.

– Mental illnesses can also be a fatal disease. People take their own lives. People give up life. They vegetate on the sidelines because they are not sleeping to be here with us. The point is to create such psychiatric care, such support that we do not lose them. This support must be as in cardiology, immediate – she added.

>>> Marcin Zaborski will talk to doctors, therapists, parents and charges as part of the discussion “Psychiatry of children and adolescents in crisis”. Debate on Sunday at 20.

Demonstrators’ demands

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Before the march, the organizers described their demands in a press release. They noted that in the pandemic, many people began to experience mental health disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and depression. “We want appropriate support to be provided immediately in the face of such problems. Free of charge. Guaranteed by the state health care. It is important that our children experiencing a mental crisis can get support in their environment, which includes care for them and their families” – indicate the organizers of the march.

Among their postulates, they indicate the need to provide schools with “educational support in the field of taking care of students’ mental health so that schools become a community in which all children can feel safe”.

They emphasized that in Poland, 2 million people experience depression, 400,000 people suffer from schizophrenia, 800 thousand. he experiences bipolar disorder and there are many other disorders like neurosis, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and psychiatry is very underfunded.

It was indicated that 95 percent. people diagnosed with schizophrenia, there is no support in the form of psychotherapy or consultations with a psychologist. “The system only offers them a hospital and visits to a psychiatrist” – we read in the press release. It was noted that 3/4 of the inhabitants of Poland do not have access to treatment in the day ward, where they come for several hours of therapeutic and relaxation classes, memory and concentration training, after which they return home. Equally, there is no access to support from community care teams, who can come home to a person in crisis to support their recovery and support their family.

“Redundancies due to mental crises and pensions are a huge burden on the budget. It would not be so if people experiencing mental health disorders had adequate support in recovery” – note the organizers of the Yellow Ribbon March.

The announcement reads that 70 percent. expenditure on psychiatry goes to psychiatric hospitals, and 20% of them use such support. people experiencing a mental crisis.

Main photo source: TVN24

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