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Warsaw. Young judokas from UKS Sadyba cannot train. The club has no money for renovation

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Dark clouds hung over the Sadyba Student Sports Club, where children practice judo. The athletes had to move out of their previous headquarters. We managed to find a new place, but it is in a terrible condition. The club has no money for renovation.

The Sadyba Student Sports Club was established in 2010 and from 2011 it occupied premises in the pavilion at 74/78 Sobieskiego Street, belonging to the Energetyka housing cooperative.

As Jacek Dziewicki, judo coach and member of the club's management board, recalls in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl, the premises required a thorough renovation. Then it was possible thanks to the sponsors with whom the club formed a partnership. But after a few years they withdrew from the company and UKS Sadyba became the main tenant. The club operated continuously until April 2024. At the peak of its activity, over 200 students attended classes.

The premises at Sobieskiego Street provide good conditions for training. Even the national teams of China and Turkmenistan took advantage of the club's hospitality during preparations for the competition.

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The cooperative closed the pavilion

The problems started last year. – The housing cooperative is planning to demolish the pavilion or sell it to a developer. Many residents of Sadyba protested. Despite this, the cooperative's management board adopted a resolution to close the pavilion, says Jacek Dziewicki.

The cooperative explained its decision by saying that continuing to maintain the building was unprofitable. The December issue of the cooperative bimonthly “M6” published a statement signed by Janusz Gajda, chairman of the Sadyba Housing Estate Council. “The revenues from this pavilion due to the rental fee to cover operating costs for the first half of 2023 amounted to approximately PLN 275,000, while only the costs of renovating the electrical installation were estimated – based on the tender – to be close to PLN 180,000. And yet “There are further installations in the queue for renovation (heating, water, sewage, etc.), the roof, and general construction works are also necessary,” we read in the statement.

“In this situation, it is hardly surprising that the administration submitted a request to the Sadyba Estate Council to exclude the pavilion from use. The situation was further aggravated by the update of fees for perpetual usufruct of real estate from the new year, according to which the fee for this pavilion is to increase from approx. thousand PLN per year, to over… PLN 300 thousand. The construction of a new residential and service building in this place will allow the land to be transformed into ownership, and the estate will not be charged with this tax,” it was written.

All tenants were obliged to move out by the end of April 2024. After long negotiations, the cooperative allowed the club to stay, but classes are no longer held there. The premises only serve as a warehouse.

New premises to be completely renovated

Jacek Dziewicki started trying to obtain a new premises in September last year. The district proposed two premises. One was after the laundry, the other after the restaurant. However, none of them met the conditions for practicing sports. – At the beginning of December, the mayors offered us a premises at 53 Okrężna Street, after the integration fencing club of the Warsaw University of Physical Education, says Dziewicki.

The building from the 1950s on the corner of Okrężna and Klarysewska is ideal in terms of location. Unfortunately, it requires general renovation. – There is no heating, no ventilation. Actually, everything needs renovation. Starting with fungus-covered walls, floors, showers, toilets. The electrical system has not been replaced since the 1950s. It is also necessary to repair the leaking roof, says Dziewicki. The only thing that was replaced was the windows – about 15-20 years ago, but contrary to the guidelines of the conservator. Therefore, they will also have to be inserted again. The cost of all works is estimated at between PLN 700,000 and over one million.

May 29 was the deadline for submitting applications for funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism under the “Sports Poland” program. – We submitted an application for the gross amount of PLN 1.5 million, but the co-financing is 50 percent of the given amount. The chances of getting this money are slim. The Ministry requires the investor to secure the second part. We are in no way able to ensure this – Dziewicki throws up his hands.

The club is in talks with companies that would be willing to sponsor part of the amount, but only if the ministry grants the subsidy. – Sponsorship makes sense when the club operates and takes part in competitions. We do not have a headquarters at the moment. We have no place to train, our interlocutor admits.

They want to get children away from computers

The UKS Sadyba club operates on a non-profit basis. Fees for classes are used for the club's current activities, purchase of equipment and rent.

– We meet all the conditions that a sports club should meet. We are associated with the Warsaw-Masovian Judo Association and we take part in competitions. But I must admit that our activities are mainly aimed at the development of children and teenagers, getting them away from computers. Just doing a good job is the hardest part. It is about improving children and trying to instill appropriate values ​​in them – explains Jacek Dziewicki.

Our interlocutor emphasizes that he has support from the district authorities in administrative matters. However, he cannot count on help in financing the renovation. A part of the plot on which the building rented by the club stands is subject to claims. Therefore, the office cannot invest in renovation.

The UKS Sadyba club is trying to save the stalemate situation by collecting funds for renovation works on the website zrzutka.pl. By Monday, June 3, PLN 12,500 had been collected.

Main photo source: UKS Sadyba

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