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Warsaw, Zawiszy Square. Councilors want a multi-level intersection and the plan allows it

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According to the recently adopted local zoning plan for Plac Zawiszy, a multi-level intersection with a tunnel and flyovers may be built here. The provision was pushed through by the councilors of the Civic Coalition. Meanwhile, as the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, informs, the traffic in the city center decreases year by year and such a revolution in the square is not needed.

During Thursday’s session The Council of Warsaw has adopted three new spatial development plans. One of them aroused special interest, as it concerns Zawiszy Square, located almost in the very center of the city. According to the Warsaw City Hall, a new section of the southern roadway of Aleje Jerozolimskie is to be built according to the plan. The final course of Grójecka Street will change. After the “bend” it will connect with the new roadway of Aleje Jerozolimskie. As indicated by the city hall, this will free up about one hectare of land, which is now occupied by asphalt and concrete. A green space with a linear park will be created.

– Everyone knows Zawiszy Square and the complicated road system, which is like a Gordian knot. This place needs a change. The new plan of the area of ​​Plac Zawiszy will enable a sensible redevelopment of streets and better land development – said Marlena Happach, director of the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the Warsaw City Hall, quoted in the press release.

The plan also allows for the location of a tall building, not exceeding 130 meters. The town hall reported that such a building has a compositional justification, because “it will accentuate the viewing axes at the intersection of important streets in the district and Warsaw”.

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Works are planned in the vicinity of Zawiszy SquareCity Hall of Warsaw

“Ghostly Visions”

However, the communiqué of the town hall does not mention a rather surprising communication solution that allows for the plan adopted by the councilors on Zawiszy Square. As reported by “Gazeta Stołeczna”, it is about transforming the square into a multi-level intersection. As reported by “Stołeczna”, such a record appeared at the request of the councilors of the Civic Coalition. – The possibility of building a tunnel under Zawiszy Square, widening Aleje Jerozolimskie – this is something that residents are striving for. This will be a great plus for this region – said KO councilor Paweł Lech during the session.

The district councilor from the Ochocianie committee, Aleksander Kopiński, is, to put it mildly, skeptical about such a solution. – It is a myth that tunnels or flyovers relieve traffic jams. On the contrary: thanks to them, traffic increases. These are some ghostly visions straight from Gierek’s times. Unfortunately, some KO councilors have communication views from the 1970s, they pushed through this foolish provision – comments Kopiński in an interview with “Stołeczna”.

The city is not planning a tunnel or overpasses

Warsaw scales do not plan such changes in this part of the city. – Currently, we are not preparing to build a tunnel or flyovers. The target shape of the intersection will be indicated by transport analyses, taking into account, among others, railwaymen’s plans, including the reconstruction of the Towarowa street viaduct. The multi-level intersection is currently not necessary for the functioning of the communication system of Plac Zawiszy. All the more so that car traffic in the city center is decreasing year by year – we currently have 20 percent less traffic than in 2019 – said the deputy mayor of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, in an interview with the newspaper.

But he noted that the plan adopted on Thursday leaves open the possibility of building a multi-level intersection in the future.

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Road builders will replace the asphalt and narrow Marszałkowska Street to three lanesArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

“Gazeta Stołeczna”, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: TVN24

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