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Warsaw. ZDM announces changes. Rudnicki-Perzyński-Czaszyńskiego for renovation. Auction

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The Municipal Roads Authority has announced that the sequence of Rudnickiego – Perzyńskiego – Czaszyńskiego streets will undergo a metamorphosis. – We want to rebuild the road, sidewalks and the road for bicycles along the entire length, and the classic intersection with Kochanowski is to change into a turbine roundabout – they announce.

As road workers recall, the almost two-kilometer long line of Rudnickiego – Perzyńskiego – Czaszyńskiego streets is one of the most important streets in Bielany. It connects the Piaski, Słodowiec and Stare Bielany estates, and for those living in the eastern part of Maczek, it is a convenient access to the Słodowiec metro station and further to Podleśna, under the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

However, its surface is already worn out, and the organization of traffic in this place also leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, road builders have announced changes.

New roundabout

The intersection of Rudnicki and Kochanowski is waiting for the largest. According to the announcement of the ZDM, the old and worn-out traffic lights are to replace the turbine roundabout in this place. “This solution is comparable in cost to the reconstruction of the signaling, but in contrast to it, it will facilitate the passage through this intersection. Today, the most critical here is the left turn relationship from Rudnicki to Kochanowskiego (west). Separating a left-turn in the signaling would paralyze the intersection. the designed turbine roundabout will allow for smooth passage of turning vehicles “- explain road workers in the press release.

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New pedestrian crossings and parking lots

Three new pedestrian crossings will be built along the entire route. The first zebra will be built in Rudnickiego at the entrance to the car wash, the second – at the level of Perzyński 14D building, and the third – at the crossing with Staffa. The remaining crossings without signaling will be equipped with refuges. “We will also not forget about pedestrians at Szybinskiego Street, where on the west side we will expand their space by shifting parking from the sidewalk to the road” – promise road workers.

On the other hand, at Rudnickiego St., they announce the reconstruction of two car parks. It is about parking yards on the eastern side – at the “Kochanowskiego 04” bus stop and Megasam Żoliborski. “Today, it is actually the concaves full of unevenness, which after rainfall turn into puddles. After the reconstruction, the parking lots will be civilized. Both drivers will have 50 parking spaces at their disposal, including 4 blue envelopes” – announces ZDM.

They will complete the construction of the bicycle route

The catalyst of changes is to be the construction of a bicycle route along the Rudnicki – Perzyński – Czaszyńskiego route. It started a dozen or so years ago, on the initiative of the then commune of Bielany, but due to design and execution errors, the investment was not formally completed. “For its users, this means burdensome and dangerous surprises – the bicycle route has sharp turns and ends unexpectedly. Moreover, it is made of cobblestones, which is not in accordance with the standards in force today” – said officials.

“Together with the Bielany district office, we decided to solve this problem and approach the works comprehensively to improve the conditions for all road users. Thanks to the investment, cyclists will gain a comfortable, asphalt road for bicycles, running along the entire street on the eastern side of the road. including a new section along Rudnickiego Street and a set of bicycle routes at the intersection with Broniewskiego Street. Bicycle and pedestrian crossings through smaller streets will be raised to the level of the pavement. Pedestrian routes will be renovated, as well as bus stops “- they add.

The changes will also apply to greenery. There will be several dozen trees (including field and common maples, small-leaved linden or single-necked hawthorns) and over three thousand. shrubs (e.g. Birchwood, Shiny Cotoneaster or Chenault’s Snowball). At crossroads, curves and exits, the streets will be embellished with low vegetation, not obstructing the visibility. “It will be the same with the roundabout, the island of which we will decorate with gray pebbles, shrubby cinquefoil and roses” – they announce.


The tender for the investment has already been announced. Road workers are waiting for offers until February 7. The contractor will have one year to complete all the works.

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Main photo source: ZDM

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