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Warsaw. ZDM sells abandoned cars. How to buy them?

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The Municipal Roads Authority put up for sale eight cars. These are cars that have been towed away and for half a year no one has come to pick them up. The list includes the Porsche Cayenne and Audi A6.

“Cars that were put up for sale were removed on the basis of art.50a of the Road Traffic Act. Under this provision, vehicles left without registration plates or those whose condition indicates that they are not used” – communicated the Municipal Roads Authority .

The announced tender offers a Mercedes S500, Ford Mondeo MK3 Estate, Mazda 6, Ford Fusion, Porsche Cayenne, Saab 93, Mercedes C200 or Audi A6. The oldest car is from 2002, the youngest from 2009. Starting prices range from PLN 1,600 for a Mercedes C200 to PLN 39,000 for a Mercedes 500S.

Usually they go to scrap

Cars that have been towed away go to the car parks of companies with which ZDM has signed appropriate contracts. There they wait for the owner or the person authorized to pick up the vehicle. If no one reports for the car within six months, it becomes the property of the city under the law.

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Usually such cars go to scrap. “Usually, without regret, because in most cases they were old cars and so bitten by the teeth of time that even a complete renovation would not save them” – explain road workers.

There are, however, exceptions. Some abandoned cars are in quite good condition and do not have to be scrapped. Eight such cars were put up for sale by tender. “The starting prices were determined on the basis of estimates and assessments of their further usefulness made by tax experts in the field of vehicle valuation” – explains ZDM.

The tender announcement is available on the ZDM website. Offers can be submitted until November 2, 2 p.m.

In 2020, road workers removed 10,626 incorrectly parked cars and 1,978 wrecks from the capital city. This year, they towed 8,613 and 1,375 vehicles, respectively.

Main photo source: ZDM

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