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Warsaw. ZDM will replace parking meters. What are the expectations?

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The parking meters will be replaced next year, announces the Municipal Roads Authority. However, road builders want to precede it with market consultations. They want to compare “expectations with market opportunities”.

“The paid parking zone in Warsaw is constantly developing. Next year, we will replace the parking meters with new machines. Before we announce the tender, we organize preliminary market consultations to compare our expectations with the market’s possibilities. We want the equipment to be modern and respond to current and future needs needs,” the Municipal Roads Authority said in a statement.

The consultations are also to help in developing the best solutions for the delivery, assembly, commissioning and performance of the function of the parking meter operator for the Paid Unguarded Parking Zone.

“Parking machines are still willingly used”

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In 2018, payments for parking using mobile applications accounted for only 21 percent, recalls ZDM. However, a lot has changed in the last 4 years. In 2022, their share was already 40 percent. This means an almost two-fold increase. On the one hand, the zone is expanding, so the number of parking meters is increasing, but on the other hand, the importance of mobile payments is constantly growing, so the density of parking meters used to pay with cash or card will systematically decrease.

At the same time, road operators emphasize that parking meters are still willingly used by drivers, so they do not intend to give them up. “However, it is certain that in the coming years we will not need as many of them as before. Coin payments in particular are rapidly losing popularity – just a few years ago it was the main payment method, today it is used by only 17 percent of drivers” – added.

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Reliable and comfortable

The oldest parking meters on the streets of Warsaw have limited capabilities, and as ZDM pointed out, drivers’ expectations as to their functionality are constantly growing. That is why road builders want the new device to meet their needs.

As they emphasized in the communication, the equipment should be reliable and fast, as well as convenient to use. “We also want it to enable various solutions that may appear in the zone in the future. We will pay attention to whether the machines will be able to set dynamic fee rates – on different days or times of the day. We would like to check the possibility of differentiating the rates for various users, e.g. for Varsovians and tourists” – explains ZDM.

Who can apply?

The Municipal Road Authority announced that companies that have knowledge and experience in the production of parking meters, installation and service, operating the zone for a minimum period of 24 months, implementing advanced information technology systems and controlling the payment and collection of fees will be invited to the initial market consultations. parking of vehicles.

“The participant must attach to the application information brochures, certificates, references or other technical information that will allow for initial verification. In exceptional situations, we may allow companies that do not meet certain conditions to participate in market consultations, provided that they demonstrate that they have particularly important information useful in consultations, it was reported.

Main photo source: ZDM

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