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Warsaw. ZDM’s most important investments – 2023. Big savings

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The stabilization of the market and the return of material prices to pre-pandemic levels have meant that the city can save a large sum on planned redevelopments. The offers proposed in the tenders turned out to be lower than the planned cost estimates in the case of several key investments.

“In 2023, we will implement further investments that will improve the condition of the road infrastructure and the safety of all users. We started some of them last year, but there will be new ones, which we announced already this year” – the Municipal Roads Authority announced on social media.

Stabilization of the market and savings of several million

As the road builders pointed out, the new tasks will be carried out thanks to the funds provided by the Council of Warsaw. At the last session on Thursday, councilors voted for additional funds for: the reconstruction of Plac Trzech Krzyży and Plac Na Rozdrożu, construction of the so-called Plac Centralny (i.e. the central part of Plac Defilad, from Marszałkowska), or lighting 345 pedestrian crossings.

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ZDM pointed out that in the case of Plac Trzech Krzyży, additional funds will allow to extend the redevelopment with greenery. However, in the case of the so-called Plac Centralny and Plac Na Rozdrożu – settle tenders.

Road builders emphasize that the listed investments are only examples, there are more works planned for this year. The total value of those that most significantly improve traffic conditions and safety, as well as improve road systems, exceeds half a billion zlotys.

What’s more, the planned cost estimates of the indicated investments turned out to be higher than the offers proposed in the tenders, which may result in savings of several million. “This is the effect of, among others, market stabilization and the return of prices for materials to the pre-pandemic state,” they point out.

The new face of squares and Marszałkowska

In case of construction of the Central Square the cost estimate amounted to PLN 65.5 million, while the cheapest offer was PLN 61.2 million. If the city chooses the cheapest proposal, it will save over 4 million. The concept of redeveloping Plac Defilad on the axis of Złota Street assumes that in front of the Palace of Culture and Science there will be a place for daily meetings of residents and the organization of cultural events. A more intimate square will be cut out of the large space, which will make the very center of the city more attractive.

In turn, at reconstruction of Plac Na Rozdrożu savings may amount to PLN 3.5 million. The cost estimate was estimated at 29.9 million, while the lowest bid was 26.4 million. As part of the works, additional lifts to bus stops on Trasa Łazienkowska, a bicycle path and above-ground pedestrian crossings will be built here. Changes to bus platforms are also planned.

The city can also save on another major redevelopment. Goes to the western side of Marszałkowska Street on the section from Bankowy Square to Królewska Street. The best offer submitted in the tender amounts to PLN 8.2 million, while the city secured PLN 9.7 million for this purpose. Here, in turn, the layout of the roadway will change, the sidewalks will be renovated, and parking will be organized. A bicycle path will also be built and 63 trees will be planted.

They will civilize Jana Kazimierza Street

To the list of investments where the city can recover another million, one should add the long-awaited by the residents of Odolany reconstruction of Jan Kazimierz. Last Friday, ZDM opened bids in this tender. The cost estimate reserved the amount of PLN 35.7 million for this purpose, and the cheapest offer was submitted by Strabag for the amount of PLN 34.5 million. – At the moment we will be checking offers, which are five. Strabagu is the cheapest, and the others slightly exceed it. I think that within a month, maybe a month and a half, we should choose a contractor – said Łukasz Puchalski, director of ZDM.

Along the entire length of the street, the roadway, sidewalks and exits to properties will be reconstructed. There will also be a bicycle path. Parking spaces will be designated in parking bays. Asylums (dividing islands) 2.5 m wide will appear at the crossings. 250 new trees will be planted.

Jana Kazimierza Street in the visualizationsZDM Warsaw

Main photo source: ZDM Warsaw

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