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Warsaw, Zegrze. What difficulties in connection with triathlon competitions

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The Public Transport Authority would like to remind you that due to the Ironman triathlon competition taking place on Sunday, public transport drivers and passengers will face difficulties on the Zalew Zegrzyński – Śródmieście route. Stay alert until 6 p.m.

The triathlon competition consists of a swimming part in the Zegrzyński Lake, a cycling part on the route: Rynia – Konwiktorska, and then a running part in the city center. The Public Transport Authority informed about the difficulties in communication.

Which bicycle routes will be impassable?

until 14.30 the bicycle route from Rynia to Modlińska will be impassable. Line buses 126, 152, 705, 735, 736, 738 and L40 and L45 detour routes will be used.

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until 15.00 the bicycle route from the intersection of Płochocińska / Modlińska to the exit from the Skłodowska-Curie bridge will be impassable. Line buses at this time 186, 509, 511, 516, 518, 723, 731 and Z11 they will take detours.

until 15.30 the bicycle route on Wisłostrada (western carriageway) from the Skłodowska-Curie bridge to the Poniatowski bridge will be closed. Therefore, the line buses 100, 106, 114, 118 and 185 will be on detour routes.

from 8.00 am to From 18.00 (ul. Konwiktorska until about 18.15) the running route will be impassable. Line buses 116, 178, 180, 503 and 518 they will be on detour routes. The operation of stops is resumed ESPERANTO 04 and 06.

Bicycle route ZTM

Two new stops

The Public Transport Authority has launched two stops.

Osiedle Marywilska 53, at ul. Kupiecka in the direction of ul. Marywilska, past the intersection with ul. Kaczorowa. “The stop is permanent for buses of line 126 towards the end of Nowodwory” – informed ZTM.

Commune Office 51, at ul. Zwycięstwa in Nieporęt, at the intersection with Powstańców Street (in the area of ​​the footbridge over the Żerański Canal). “The stop is valid as the end stop for buses of lines 705 and 735 towards the end of Metro Marymont” – explained ZTM.

On detour routes of all lines, the first stops encountered are permanent and the rest – as on request.

Running route ZTM

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Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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