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Warsaw Żoliborz. They planned to break through from the vacant lot to the office. One fell while drilling, two after trying to escape

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They had been preparing to break into the office for at least a month. Among other things, they bought hammer drills, angle grinders, hammers, crowbars and chisels. What they didn’t know was that they had been under police surveillance for some time. They got caught trying to break in.

A spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, said that the indictment against three Georgian citizens was filed on April 17 with the District Court for Warsaw-Żoliborz in Warsaw.

They wanted to break through to the office from the neighboring premises. They got caught red-handed.

– The men were accused of burglary of premises located at ul. At the Agora in Warsaw, and then they tried to break through to the neighboring premises where the currency exchange office was located – emphasized the prosecutor.

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They wanted to get from the vacancy to the office

According to the findings of the investigators, three Georgians: 29-year-old Noshrevani K., 52-year-old Malkhaz B. and 33-year-old Levan O. had been preparing to break into the exchange office for at least a month. In order for their plan to come into force, men bought m. hammer drills, angle grinders, hammers, crowbars and chisels.

On August 3, 2022, around 8 p.m., three men drove up to the exchange office at ul. At the Agora in Warsaw in a passenger Opel Vectra. After checking that no one would notice them, they broke into a vacant lot belonging to ZGN Bielany, directly adjacent to the exchange office.

Then, with the help of hammer drills, began demolishing the wall between the vacant building and the exchange office. They did not know, however, that for some time their “activities” had been of interest to police officers from the Warsaw Central Police Investigation Bureau.

They got caught red-handed

Before 1 am on the night of August 3-4, 2022, three Georgians were arrested by the police in the act. Noshrevani K. was arrested while drilling a hole in the wall. Levan O. and Malkhaz B., on the other hand, fell into the hands of the police after an unsuccessful escape attempt.

According to the investigators, in the exchange office that the Georgians wanted to break into, there was money in Polish and foreign currency and gold jewelry worth not less than PLN 1.2 million.

They were not punished in Poland, but…

After the arrest, the men were brought to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, where they were charged with, among others, participation in an organized criminal group aimed at committing crimes against property, attempted burglary and robbery. Malkhaz B. and Levan O. pleaded not guilty to the charges against them and refused to give explanations. However, Noshrevani K. confessed, who also refused to give explanations.

According to PAP findings, the men had not been punished in Poland before. However, one of them – Noshrevani K. – is suspected of participating in a gang with a robbery that took place in October 2020 at ul. Emilia Plater in Warsaw. The victim was a Danish citizen coming out of an exchange office. The perpetrators overpowered him with gas, and then took a suitcase with a significant amount of money in various currencies.

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The car has broken windowsMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Since their arrest, the three Georgians have been in custody. They face up to 10 years in prison for the alleged acts of indictment.

Main photo source: CBSP

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