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Warsaw, Żoliborz. They repaired a disused drainage canal, left paving stones in the middle of the road. “Is to harden the ground”

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In the last weeks of July, a patch of paving stones appeared on a section of the road of Rydygiera Street. This is a remnant of the works performed by MPWiK. Residents are wondering whether such a makeshift will remain permanently. As it turns out, this is a deliberate, temporary measure to prevent the ground from sinking under the road.

A photo of a fragment of Rydygiera Street in Żoliborz, patched up with cobblestones, was published last week by the councilor of this district, Łukasz Porębski. The commenting entry wondered where the paving stones in the middle of the asphalt road actually came from. Is it just a regular patch? Or maybe a not quite successful speed bump?

One of the discussing people suggested that the so-called dirt.

It is a temporary solution, used in the event of sudden breakdowns in underground installations, e.g. a crack in a district heating pipe. After removing the failure, the easiest and fastest way to fill the defect in asphalt is to lay paving stones. The pavement also plays a technical role, because before the target surface is recreated, the substrate must settle down and settle down. Otherwise the road could collapse.

They were repairing a closed drainage canal

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According to Porębski’s entry, the works at Rydygiera were carried out by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji. Company spokesman Marek Smółka confirmed that MPWiK undertook to repair the collapse of the road in this place, “even though it was not a consequence of a breakdown or a malfunctioning sewage network in this place”. – The active sewage network in this place works efficiently and is fully open, while the old, closed canal, which has been repaired by the company, is responsible for the formation of the flooding resulting in the road collapse – Smółka explains.

The inactive drainage canal was repaired on site by concreting the ends of the pipeline, and then the trench was filled in and the soil was compacted. The works were completed on July 31.

As noted by Smółka, the reconstruction of the road may take place after the decision is issued by the street administrator – in this case, the Żoliborz district office and it is preceded by the implementation of the so-called – This solution is used for safety reasons and is aimed at hardening the ground and making sure that the roadway is not lowered or damaged as a result of the settlement process in the place where the failure has been removed. by the site manager, MPWiK will start this task – added a representative of waterworks.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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