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Warsaw zoo. Dust jackets are the new neighbors of mousedeer

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A pair of banded-bellied owls lived in the aviary of the Warsaw Zoo, in the aviary of Javanese chanterelles. They are the only representatives of this species in national zoos – informed the capital zoo.

The zoo emphasized that these are very interesting birds whose behavior is somewhat similar to our wrens, although they are much larger than them.

“They spend their time mainly on the ground and move in a typical way for jackets, i.e. jumping from one place to another. They have a very short tail, which, together with the stocky body structure, creates a characteristic silhouette” – explained the zoo.

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In Java also accompanied by mousedeer

In the wild, this subspecies inhabits only Java, where it is often seen in company mousedeer, i.e. Javanese chanterelles.

“This fact coincides with the observations of the aviary’s keepers, who report that our sandpipers, just like their wild cousins, take advantage of the vicinity of the moorhens, who use their tiny hooves to loosen the layer of litter from which the sandpipes choose tasty insects,” the zoo said.

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Main photo source: Warsaw Zoo/Facebook

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