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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Was the opposition under surveillance just before the elections? “I considered that I might be eavesdropped”

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The former head of the CBA asks questions to the current head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, each of which sounds almost like an accusation. Not only he, but also the opposition wants to know whether the secret services eavesdropped on its politicians, especially the Third Way, on a massive scale, just before the elections. Paweł Wojtunik talks about the risk of a conspiracy, but the authorities accuse him of lying.

A briefing was held at the CBA center in Lucień, two days before the elections. Paweł Wojtunik, former head of the CBA, asks whether it is true that special orders were issued “to massively apply operational control to representatives of opposition groups in the context of the parliamentary elections.” However, this is not the only question, because Wojtunik also wants to know whether these recommendations came from above, whether the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the coordinator of special services, Mariusz Kamiński, or his deputy knew about it, whether they were at this meeting and whether they agreed to it. – We can talk about the risk of a conspiracy – says the former head of the CBA.

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Michał Szczerba, an MP from the Civic Coalition, says that whistleblowers also provided him with this information. About thirty people from the CBA management were supposed to be at the meeting. – They wanted to fish among the new MPs-elect in order to guarantee a majority so that PiS could continue to rule – the MP believes. Hence – as we hear – special interest in Third Way MPs. There are many newcomers in the party who can be persuaded or forced to switch to the PiS side with the information obtained. Leaders, in turn, are a source of knowledge about post-election plans.

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– I took into account that I could be eavesdropped and surveilled – confesses Paulina Hennig-Kloska, an MP from Third Way. – We will establish an investigative commission into this matter – declares Piotr Zgorzelski, MP of the Polish People’s Party, deputy speaker of the Sejm.

Surveillance begins, if necessary, without the court’s consent and with the knowledge of the prosecutor general. If there is no court consent within five days, the services are to destroy the collected material – wiretaps, phone and computer contents. – It is not possible to erase knowledge from the brains of the head of the CBA or officers, so firstly, this knowledge remains, and secondly, electronic evidence can be recovered – points out prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek.

Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration: the measure of the police’s success is the sense of security of PolesTVN24

The government denies the allegations

Hurricane denials from the authorities. – Let him provide at least a shred of evidence that will make what he says credible – says Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy. In turn, Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration Maciej Wąsik writes on social media that “Wojtunik lies like Tusk.” The presidential minister also commented on the matter. – The information is unconfirmed in any way, and is even subject to denial – emphasizes Paweł Szrot.

The check-in at Lucień – as we learn – was supposed to be routine. – We need to find out what the gentlemen were talking about two days before the elections – says Bartosz Arłukowicz, MEP of the Civic Platform, MP-elect.

As we hear, those gathered at the briefing were supposed to talk about HR and payroll issues, and the accusations of including operational control during the elections or acting illegally are untrue.

– There was no decision to conduct illegal activities against the Polish opposition. (…) Polish services operate based on legal provisions and if there is court consent to the use of operational control, such controls are initiated based on information and suspicions related to information received by the services – informs Stanisław, deputy minister of the coordinator of special services Żaryn, when asked whether politicians could have been under surveillance, replied that “the reason is not political activity.”

And what is the premise? – Reasonable suspicion of committing a crime – points out prosecutor Wrzosek, which is a very broad concept.

Main photo source: TVN24

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