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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Dad Share Heartwarming Memories From the Superstar’s Childhood

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While many of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s fans came about when his 2015 musical Hamilton premiered to wild acclaim, he’s always had this huge supporter in his corner from day one: His father, Luis Miranda.

Luis exclusively shared with E! News a heartwarming Father’s Day message that included adorable stories around Lin-Manuel’s childhood. “In a day like this, you remember your kid and the way he was and continues to be,” Luis began in the video above. “Lin-Manuel was an easygoing kid who was friendly to everyone, great to have around, so much that parents of other kids in his classroom would call my wife and I for playdates.”

He continued to talk about how Lin-Manuel—who will also be celebrating Father’s Day this weekend with his two sweet sons—was always passionate about his art, even as a young child.

“His art was always very important,” Luis shared. “He spent his free time filming his own movies, writing his own rhymes, creating his own little stories.”

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