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Water. By 2030, demand for water will exceed resources by 40 percent, report

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By 2030, demand for water will exceed available resources by as much as 40 percent, experts warn in a new report. More than two billion people already lack access to clean water, and unless the world takes urgent action, the damage will only get worse.

According to the British “Guardian”, a new report is the first to comprehensively analyze the global water system and the nature of water resources for individual countries, as well as indicate what threats may arise if the world neglects this issue.

The authors of the report, gathered within the organization Global Commission on the Economics of Water, pointed out that over two billion people in the world do not have access to safe water resources, and every 80 seconds a child under the age of five dies due to diseases caused by polluted water. As they emphasized, insufficient access to water also deepens the food crisis. They warn that unless the world takes urgent action, the damage will only get worse.

Global water scarcity

The authors of the document emphasized that the cause of the water crisis is not catastrophes, population growth or economic growth, but the mismanagement of water resources that has been going on for many decades. According to them, the world is facing a shortage of water reaching 40% by 2030. against demand.

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In addition, poor water management is accompanied by global warming and biodiversity loss, which is exacerbating the situation. – Scientific evidence shows that we are dealing with a water crisis. We misuse water, pollute it, and change the entire global water cycle through what we do to the climate. It’s a triple crisis, said the lead author of the report and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Johan Rockstrom, in an interview with the Guardian.

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Water crisis

The report also presents seven recommendations for countries. They stated, among other things, that governments should start treating water as a “global common good” that should be protected in the common interest. It also identified the need to ensure clean water in sufficient quantities for vulnerable groups and to work with industry to increase investment in water management.

The authors also pointed out that it is necessary to stop lowering the price of water, supporting the poorest, so that it is used more efficiently. We also need to stop over-subsidizing agriculture, which tends to over-use water, take action to restore wetlands and increase water recycling in industry.

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