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Water levels in rivers are rising. Alarm and warning states exceeded. IMWM alerts of the highest level

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IMWM warns about floods and increased water levels in some Polish rivers. Forecasters issued level three and level two hydrological alerts. Alarm levels are exceeded in several dozen places.

The water level in some rivers located in the Lubusz Province, the Świętokrzyskie Province, Silesia and Lower Silesia increased after rainfall and snowmelt.

On Wednesday morning, the alarm levels were exceeded, among others: Nysa Łużycka in Gubin, Czerna Mała in Iłowa, Bóbr in ŻagańKwisna in Leśna, Czarna Woda in Rzeszotary, Brynica in Brynica.

Water level in rivers on Tuesday, December 26 hydro.imgw.pl

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued hydrological warnings.

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IMWM alerts of the third degree

Third, highest level warnings about floods exceeding the alarm levels apply in the following voivodeships: Lubuskie (basins: Czerna Wielka, Nysa Łużycka from Zgorzelec to the estuary, Bóbr from Bobrzyca to the estuary), Lower Silesia (basins: Czerna Wielka, Kwisa from Zb. Leśno to Nowogrodziec, Kaczawa from Dunin, Barycz without Orla and Polski Rów, Widawa, Ślęza from Borów to the mouth, Ślęza Górna to Borowo), Greater Poland (Orla catchment, Widawa from Namysłów to the mouth of the Oder) i Opole province (Widawa catchment area).

The alarms will be valid until 2 p.m. on Wednesday or until 11 or 14 on Thursday.

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IMWM alerts of the second degree

Due to the flood exceeding warning levels, second-degree alerts in the southern and southwestern parts of the country apply to the following voivodeships: Lubuskie (Obra catchment area), Greater Poland (basins: Mosiński Canal, Barycz without Orla and Polski Rów, Swędrnia), Lower Silesia (catchments: Oława from Zborowice to the mouth, Oława Górna to Zborowice, Nysa Kłodzko with Ścinawka), Opole province (basins: Oława from Zborowice to the mouth, Stobrawa, Prosna Górna), Łódź (basins: Swędrnia, Łużyca, Grabia, Prosna Górna).

Orange alerts were also issued in the province. West Pomeranian Voivodeshipwhere they concern the Szczecin Lagoon and the Parsęta from Radewie to the mouth, as well as in the voivodeship. Pomeranianwhere they concern the East Coast and internal sea waters of the Republic of Poland and the catchment areas: Słupia from Skotawa to its mouth, Łeba from Lębork to the mouth, Łeba from the source to Lębork, Reda, as well as the voivodeship. Warmian-Masurian Voivodeshipwhere they concern the Bauda and Pasłęka catchments from Wałsza to the estuary.

The alarms will be valid until 11 or 12 on Wednesday.

IMWM hydrological warningsIMWM

What is a third degree hydrological alert?

A level three warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone above alarm levels.”

What is a second stage hydrological alert?

A level two warning means that “water levels (observed or forecast) are in the zone above warning levels but below alarm levels.”

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