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Water safety rules. Why not enter it after drinking alcohol?

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Due to the ongoing holiday season, police are appealing for safety and caution. They remind you not to combine relaxation by the water with drinking alcohol, because it can end in tragedy. Alcohol interferes with the assessment of one’s own swimming abilities.

The sea, lakes, ponds, rivers and bathing beaches are popular places to relax, especially during holidays. The police appeal, however, that water, even the calmest, can become a dangerous element, especially when combined with alcohol.

From the beginning of the holidays, i.e. from June 24 to July 13, 47 people have already drowned in Poland. Although it is less than in the same period last year, when there were 64 of them, each drowning is a huge tragedy. People drown almost every day. During the summer holidays, only on July 6 and 13, no drownings were recorded.

Of the 47 people who drowned, as many as 11 had consumed alcohol before the event. In turn, in 2022, 419 people drowned in the country, including 107 people who drank alcohol before entering the water.

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“Alcohol and water are a dangerous combination”

“Let us remember that alcohol and water are a dangerous combination. Never enter the water after drinking alcohol. Due to the forecasted high temperatures in the coming days, which will encourage the use of water attractions, we appeal for safety around water, prudence and responsibility, especially while taking a bath,” officials said.

As they explain, alcohol interferes with the assessment of one’s own swimming abilities, impairs hand-eye coordination, delays reaction time, encourages bravado, weakens the body, and above all, gives too much courage, which usually ends in tragedy.

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They also remind you that operating floating objects, such as kayaks, sailboats or pedal boats after drinking alcohol is an offense punishable by a fine, pursuant to Art. 35 of the Act on the safety of persons staying in water areas. On the other hand, driving motor vehicles in water traffic, i.e. those equipped with an engine that moves them, e.g. a water scooter in a state after the use of alcohol, is an offense punishable by arrest or a fine of not less than PLN 2,500 (Article 87 of the Code of Petty Offenses); and while intoxicated is a crime punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years (Article 178a of the Penal Code).

Important emergency numbers

Uniforms appeal to remember about emergency numbers when going to the water. The first is 112, that is emergency number, free of charge and available throughout the European Union from both landline and mobile phones. Importantly, the emergency number 112 can be dialed even in a phone without a SIM card.

The second important number is 601 100 100, that is emergency number of water rescue coordination of the Voluntary Rescue Service (WOPR).

“We should always use common sense”The high temperature encourages you to spend time by the water. The services and lifeguards constantly remind you of the basic rules that must be followed to ensure safe rest.tvn24

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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