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Waterworks from Płock commissioned a water test for Legionella

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The Water Supply Authority of Płock commissioned a test of water from the municipal network for the possible presence of legionella. The network was also disinfected and rinsed. Waterworks stipulate that these are preventive measures.

– This is a preventive measure – said Justyna Piotrowicz, spokeswoman for Wodociągi Płockie, referring to the decision to collect water samples for testing for the possible presence of Legionella bacteria and to disinfect the network ordered at the same time.

We did it preemptively. We want people to know that we care about it.

You have to wait for the results

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As Piotrowicz explained, three water samples were taken for testing from different parts of the city, and the results of the tests commissioned by Płock Waterworks will be known in 11 days and will then be made public. She also added that the company has a year-round schedule for network flushing and preventive disinfection.

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“Due to the appearance of Legionella bacteria in tap water in the south of Poland, the management of the Płock Waterworks commissioned the testing of water from the municipal network for the possible presence of this bacteria, although the applicable legal regulations in this area do not require testing,” the company said in a press release. At the same time, Płock Waterworks announced that “disinfection of the network and its rinsing” had begun.

In the announcement, the company pointed out that the Legionella bacteria cannot be infected by drinking water, but only by inhaling the aerosol, i.e. through the respiratory tract.

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