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Wawrów. Fatal hit of a child. The perpetrator fled the scene

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The tragic accident occurred on Friday night in Wawrów (Lubusz Voivodeship). A car driver hit a 10-year-old who was going to Zakopane on vacation. The child died in hospital and the perpetrator fled the scene. The police are looking for him.

The incident took place on Friday, February 9, just before midnight in the town of Wawrów, near Gorzów Wielkopolski, next to the church, approximately one hundred meters from the roundabout.

The children were going on holiday to Zakopane

A group of children had a meeting before going on holiday to Zakopane.

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– The children were getting ready to go to the mountains, for their long-awaited vacation, to Zakopane. The luggage compartments were open on the bus and everyone was packing their things. At some point, from the roundabout towards Chekhov, the driver of a – probably – dark BMW drove at high speed and hit a ten-year-old boy, one of the participants of the trip – said the press spokesman of the Provincial Police Commander in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Sub-Inspector Marcin Maludy.

He added that the police who arrived at the scene tried to resuscitate him. – Later, the boy was resuscitated by the Emergency Medical Team. He was transported to the hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski, where unfortunately he died – added the policeman.

They interviewed witnesses and conducted an inspection

The police examined the scene of the incident and secured traces – they may prove crucial later. We try to analyze them and interview witnesses, which is not easy, because for obvious reasons they are accompanied by enormous trauma. They saw this tragedy with their own eyes, assured Maludy.

He said that the police are doing everything to “arrest the person responsible for this tragedy as quickly as possible.” – She made absolutely nothing of it. Not only by not providing help, but by accelerating and moving away from the scene of the tragedy, the spokesman emphasized.

He also said that a special search group would be established, which would include police officers from many police divisions, including: crime, investigation, road traffic, prevention. Monitoring is also being reviewed.

Police: any information can be groundbreaking

The police are asking anyone who may have information about this incident to contact them. – Each one can be groundbreaking, each one can be valuable. It is our honor to reach the person who was behind the wheel of this car as quickly as possible, added Sub-Inspector Maludy.

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