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“We are literally praying for American support.” Ukraine still needs arms supplies

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We ask our friends to stay with us, stay the course, so that we can stop Putin in his genocidal war, appeals Oksana Markarova, Ukrainian ambassador to the United States. These words prove how much Kiev counts on the help of its Western ally. Congress has not yet decided to allocate funds for further assistance to Ukraine. It’s about $60 billion. Without them, it will be difficult to make progress on the front and displace the Russians. The occupiers are still attacking. Over the past 24 hours, they have been intensively shelling, among others, the Zaporozhye and Kherson oblasts.

Drone strikes, artillery and mortar shelling – this series of Russian attacks was again felt by residents of many regions of Ukraine in the past hours. Two people were killed and three were injured in the attack on Kherson. – The Kherson region was shelled 89 times during the day. The targets of the attacks included a cinema, a kindergarten and an animal shelter in Kherson, said Oleksandr Prokudin, head of the Kherson Oblast authorities.

The occupiers fired 6 S-300 missiles and 17 drones towards Ukraine. 10 of them were shot down. – Thanks to mobile anti-aircraft groups, we can destroy these drones. Thank you to all those who train warriors of such groups and who do everything to provide them with what they need. This is how it should look like, emphasized the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Drones are also a weapon in the hands of Ukrainian forces. The Russians claim that last night they shot down 41 drones over the Sea of ​​Azov and occupied Crimea. Others managed to land a blow. Thanks to them, the Ukrainians destroyed an enemy tank, two cars and an ammunition depot. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine also carried out a successful fire attack on oil and lubricant warehouses in occupied Luhansk,” we read in the published statement.

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The Russians are attacking the outskirts of the Luhansk Oblast, trying to push the Ukrainian soldiers out of there. – To ensure that the missile hits where we want it to, we use tablets with a special program. He analyzes weather conditions and wind strength. Then he enters this data and calculates the appropriate angle of impact, says the Ukrainian soldier.

Russia attacked Ukraine with Shahed dronesTVN24

The counteroffensive brought no results

Over 70 clashes took place on all sections of the front last 24 hours. Ukrainians do not dominate anywhere. According to journalists from “The Washington Post”, the counteroffensive launched in the summer did not achieve much. In less than half a year, Ukrainian soldiers moved 19 kilometers and liberated several towns.

“Winter and our capabilities and the capabilities of the enemy require adjustment of tactics. In cities and on some sections of the front, we are switching to defensive operations. But there are places where we continue the offensive. We also conduct strategic special operations on the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea,” said Mykhailo Podolak. , advisor to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Without constant supplies of ammunition and modern military equipment from Western partners, there will be no success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

– Russia has no moral boundaries, no red line that it will not cross. Those soldiers have no motivation, they don’t know why they are fighting, but they have much more equipment. North Korea and Iran provide Russia with drones, missiles and everything they need, emphasizes Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States.

They live right next to the border with Russia.  This is what their everyday life looks like

They live right next to the border with Russia. This is what their everyday life looks likeTomasz Kanik/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

Appeal to the USA

Ukraine counts on the uninterrupted support of its largest partner – the United States. However, the US Congress has still not made a decision on funding for military aid to Ukraine. It’s about $60 billion.

– I appeal to every senator to consider at what point in history we are. The national security of the United States is threatened in various parts of the world. In Europe, the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific, autocrats and dictators are waging war against democracy, against our values ​​and way of life. That is why the decision on financial support for Ukraine and Israel is so important. This support may determine the course of democracy in the coming years, argues Chuck Schumer, senator of the Democratic Party.

The United States has already spent over $57 billion on military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. That’s 96 percent of the funds Congress has allocated for this purpose so far.

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– 2,800 towns and villages are under Russian occupation. In many of them, people were tortured there. 6 million people still live under occupation. 12 million people are internally or externally displaced. Not to mention those we lost. That’s why we are literally praying for the support of the American people. We ask our friends to stay with us, maintain the current course, so that we can stop Putin in his genocidal war, appeals Oksana Markarova.

President Joe Biden has been appealing to Congress for two months to allocate funds to support Ukraine. On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will convince senators to do the same during a videoconference.

Main photo source: Reuters

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