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“We have 52 percent of the votes.” Women remind women how important they are in elections

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We have already been quiet – say the women and add: “we have 52 percent of the votes.” Women can be together, they can fight for themselves. They remind us once again that their vote counts in the elections.

When they were quiet, they then listened to those whom someone had chosen for them. So there is no point in hesitating, just go to the polls – convince mothers and daughters from the East Initiative, who started the “We were already quiet” campaign. Women constitute over half of society.

– Go to the polls, because there are simply more of you. It’s not that you don’t have this power. You have this power. If someone tells you that you don’t know anything about politics, don’t listen to it either. You know what problems you have and what changes you need – appeals Anna Pięta, Initiative East. A few months ago, every second Polish woman declared that she did not want to take part in the elections. This is changing, say sociologists who conducted the latest research for the “Women for Elections” campaign. – 76 percent of women participating in our survey said that they were going to vote – says Dorota Peretiatkowicz, sociologist, instagram.com/socjolozki.pl.

Biedroń: women will win these elections ORGANIZER’S PHOTOS

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Nothing about us without us

There is no certainty that the declarations will translate into action, but the mobilization continues. – At least this is the declaration, older women vote more than younger ones – says Katarzyna Krzywicka-Zdunek, sociologist, instagram.com/sociolozki.pl.

Every tenth woman does not want to vote because she does not know who to vote for, does not believe in change, and is not interested in politics. That’s why cartoonist Marta Frej is taking part in the “Power of the Female Voice” campaign. – 105 years ago, our great-grandmothers fought bravely and won the right to vote for us. (…) It is important to us, but it is also a concern for our future and the future of our children – explains Marta Frej, painter and illustrator. This is what women are fighting for, convincing women to vote.

– You can be independent there, no one is watching. However, what is most important is to think about what is important to us during these elections – says Sylwia Chutnik, writer and social activist. If we don’t want someone to choose the color of our wallpapers, why do non-voters want someone to decide how everything will be decorated? – asks the cartoonist Maria Apoleika.

– We are taught not to manifest our opinion and that it is easy, comfortable and somehow feminine and elegant to not have an opinion, not to have a strong opinion. I think this is against our interests – adds Maria Apoleika, illustrator, instagram.com/hashtagpsiesucharki. There are more and more women’s electoral initiatives. They do not compete with each other, but complement each other. – Political parties agree that the result of this year’s elections depends on the involvement of women – says Agnieszka Zabłocka, president of the “Local Government Integration Forum” association. Women can decide everything – this was clear to everyone at the Million Hearts March.

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