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We have an “extremely massive tick attack.” The veterinarian advises on how to protect dogs

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The warm winter we have been dealing with recently has caused a real flood of “one of the most dangerous animals in the world” in large cities. Ticks, because we are talking about them, are a threat not only to humans, but also to animals.

A short walk on the grass is enough for a dog to come home with ticks on its belly – people who spend time with quadrupeds in suburban forests complain. Their observations are confirmed by veterinarians: another warm winter caused the deadly arachnids to multiply in unprecedented numbers.

– During this year’s spring, we are dealing with an exceptionally massive attack of ticks, arachnids from the subclass of mites. The main reason for the described situation are the exceptionally mild winters observed for several years. The problem does not only concern fields and meadows or non-urbanized areas, but also parks, squares and city squares. Wherever there is grass, you can find ticks – said Joanna Kołodziejska-Lesisz, Ph.D. in Veterinary Sciences. And she warned that ticks, which have been attacking since winter this year, carry very dangerous infectious diseases for both humans and animals, which may even be life-threatening. In clinical practice, we most often recognize babesiosis, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease in dogs.

– The fight for our Mietek’s life lasted several weeks, cost several thousand zlotys, and it was probably only a miracle that it ended successfully – said the owner of the red mongrel she met on a walk in the Wawer forest. The dog “caught” babesiosis, which can end tragically, especially for people like him who are older and experienced in the shelter life of quadrupeds. Ultimately, Mietek’s life was saved only by a blood transfusion. – Now, every time I go out, I “clean” the dog with a sticky clothes roll. He also wears a specialized collar against ticks – said the owner.

Information about ticksNational forests

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Protection all year round

Kołodziejska-Lesisz noticed that a simple way, helpful in the fight against ticks, is also combing your pet with a dense comb after coming from a walk. The doctor regrets that, unfortunately, there is no agent that guarantees 100% protection, and ticks are increasingly resistant to the substances contained in the preparations. – This phenomenon is observed locally, so it is always worth asking your veterinarian for a recommendation of the most effective solution for your pet. In exceptional situations, we even decide to use two different methods simultaneously” – she explained.

The veterinarian emphasized that we must protect our four-legged friends all year round. – We diagnosed the first cases of tick-borne diseases in my patients even in January and February – she explained. She added that the treatment of diseases caused by ticks is certainly more expensive and more difficult than prevention.

– Unfortunately, despite the purchased protection, ticks stick to my Amba. I try to remove them quickly to minimize the risk of infection. The in-laws lost their beloved dog because of babesia – said Mr. Roman, walking in the Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw.

In the practice of doctor Kołodziejska-Lesisz, the record holder was a dog that brought a hundred ticks from a walk. Even the experts took over an hour to remove them. It is worth remembering that ticks can also be brought home on shoes or clothes. The health department also urges people to be vigilant.

“Ticks are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world” – reminded in a special warning.

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