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we have forgotten that we have to fight for democracy

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It was the first official visit of a French president to Germany in 24 years. Just before the European Parliament elections, Emmanuel Macron came to Berlin to remind that democracy must be fought for. The far right may gain a large representation in the next European Parliament elections. Ursula von der Leyen, who wants to be re-elected as president of the European Commission, has not ruled out cooperation with EKR, a faction in the European Parliament to which PiS also belongs.

Emmanuel Macron has been repeating for several weeks: Europe may die. These words were also spoken in Berlin. The French president spoke about a key moment for our continent.

– Our democracies have become accustomed to democracy and we have forgotten that we often have to fight for it. We allow nationalists, often enemies of democracy, to benefit from its benefits and criticize its existence. This debate is taking place at a time when we are facing enormous geopolitical challenges – war, the fight for prosperity, the climate and technological revolution – said French President Emmanuel Macron.

Fears of the success of anti-democratic forces in the European elections

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Although it is hard to believe, the last official state visit of the French president to Germany took place 24 years ago, when Jacques Chirac came to Berlin in 2000. Of course, the leaders of both countries met in different formats at that time, not to mention regular contacts between the ministers of France and Germany.

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There was a lot of talk about sports in Berlin, after all, Germany is organizing the upcoming Euro 2024, and the French a month later – the Summer Olympic Games. However, the leading topic was the European elections and fears of the success of anti-democratic forces.

– This is an important year for democracy in Europe. We realize that we cannot rest on our laurels, but we must defend what is important to us. The Germans and the French in particular know that freedom, peace and democracy have not fallen from the sky, but must be won, negotiated, defended and consolidated, said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Will the European right unite?

There is concern in Berlin and Paris that the new balance of power in the European Parliament and the greater representation of the far right may make it more difficult to make key decisions.

The leader of the French National Rally, Marine Le Pen, in an interview for the Italian “Corriere della Sera” spoke in favor of combining Eurosceptic and anti-EU forces. Currently, they are represented in the European Parliament by two factions: Identity and Democracy, ID for short, and European Conservatives and Reformists, whose members include, among others, Law and Justice. The Polish abbreviation is EKR.

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Opponents of the right from all over Europe protested in Madrid. “We need to mobilize, not let the fascists win, save democracy”Jakub Loska/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

According to polls, the new force on the right could count on as many as about 150 votes. – This is a moment to unite, it would be really useful. If we succeed, we will become the second group in the European Parliament. We should not let such an opportunity pass us by, appealed Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally.

In the EKR faction, one of the most important parties is Law and Justice. Mateusz Morawiecki, asked by “Politico” about the unification of the European right, said: “It is too early to say. It takes two to tango.”

Socialists are threatening to withdraw support for Ursula von der Leyen

In this tango, the most important thing is two people. Marine Le Pen and the head of the ECR, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. However, the Italian is negotiating on two fronts: cooperation with her and the ECR is not ruled out by the center-right European People's Party, the largest grouping in this and most likely the next European Parliament. The head of the European Commission and EPP member Ursula von der Leyen caused a stir a few weeks ago when she did not distance herself from the idea of ​​cooperation with the Meloni and Law and Justice factions.

– This will all depend on what the next European Parliament will look like and who will be in which group – replied Ursula von der Leyen when asked whether she was open to cooperation with the ECR. This caused a stir in the room.

The members of the European People's Party are PO and PSL, so the scenario of their potential cooperation with the Law and Justice faction seems unrealistic at the moment. European socialists are threatening to withdraw support for Ursula von der Leyen for “romancing Eurosceptics”. The left-wing candidate for the new head of the European Commission would be the Italian Mario Draghi. Unofficially, he can count on Emmanuel Macron's favor.

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