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We stay in the EU. Pro-EU manifestations in Poland. World media comment

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On Sunday, pro-EU demonstrations took place in many Polish cities and towns. Foreign media noticed them. According to the BBC, last week’s decision of the Constitutional Tribunal is “an element of the escalating dispute between the EU and Poland”, and in Euronews’ report we can read that “the lines of conflict are marked by court decisions”. According to CNN, “shout ‘we stay’ is a clear message that Poland is and will remain a member of the European Union.”

On Sunday, many Polish cities and towns took place pro-EU manifestations. This is a reaction to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal which found that some provisions of European Union law are inconsistent with the Polish constitution. Main Warsaw demonstration convened by Donald Tusk, leader of the Civic Platform.

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A demonstration in defense of Poland’s presence in the European Union at Castle Square in Warsaw organizer photos

“Just as Brexit suddenly became a fact that no one expected, so can it happen with us.”

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The manifestations were commented on by foreign media. The Reuters agency reported that over 100,000 people protested in over 100 cities and towns in Poland. “Just as Brexit suddenly became a fact that no one expected, the same can happen in our country,” said 59-year-old Janusz Kuczyński, a participant in the Warsaw protest, quoted by the agency.

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Describing the Sunday demonstration, the agency drew attention to the manner of reporting the demonstration in pl. Zamkowy by the state television, which described it as “a protest against the Polish constitution”. The agency also recalled the statements of the initiator of the demonstration, the leader of the Civic Platform, and Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, who fought in the Warsaw Uprising.

“There is still blood on the band I’m wearing. That’s why I have the right to scream out loud”. Speeches by participants of the Warsaw Uprising

The British “Guardian” also presented his report on the basis of an agency telegram from Reuters.

Traczyk-Stawska: We have always been to Europe and no one will lead us out of it. Here are our roots.PHOTOS OF THE ORGANIZER

CNN: the cry ‘we are staying’ is a clear message that Poland is and will remain a member of the European Union

Report on the demonstration in Warsaw was prepared by CNN television. “In Warsaw, the flags of Poland and the European Union side by side. The organizers of the demonstration say that tens of thousands of Poles filled the Castle Square on Sunday to show unity with the European Union. The exclamation: ‘we stay’ is a clear message that Poland is and will remain a member of the European Union” – it was said in the prepared report.

Television recalled the statements of people participating in the demonstrations. – We want to stay in the European Union because we want to feel stronger. And we hope that we will experience more prosperity in the Union – said one of them. – I’m here for Poland. For my kids. One of them is here with me. I do not believe that we could ever leave Europe – added another demonstrator.

CNN report on the pro-EU demonstration in Warsaw[2021 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved]

CNN stressed that “relations between Brussels and Warsaw have been strained since the PiS party came to power 6 years ago”: “The party is reforming the judiciary system, which it believes is to improve the efficiency of the courts’ work, but according to the European Union it threatens the independence of the judiciary, and some critics fear that Thursday’s decision of the Constitutional Tribunal may be the first step towards polexit. ”

CNN pointed out that “in the background there is a question about EU funds, which in this situation Poland may be deprived of by Brussels”.

Euronews: pro-EU rallies are held in Poland, and the lines of conflict are marked by court decisions

In the report of the Euronews television portal on Sunday demonstrations in Poland, entitled “there are pro-EU rallies in Poland, and the lines of conflict are marked by court rulings”, one of the protesters for the AP agency was quoted as saying: “I am a European. I am also a Pole, but above all a European. 17 years ago […] we said in a referendum that we are in favor of being in the Union. I am fed up with trampling on our shared values ​​and with what the current government is doing. ”

The participants of the pro-EU demonstration sang the anthem PHOTOS OF THE ORGANIZER

Euronews juxtaposed these statements by the supporter of the alliance with the European Union with the words of the Eurosceptic. “This is not the Union, these are the bureaucrats in Brussels. What is the Union and who are the officials from Brussels? These are the people who are not elected by the Member States, are they?” said AP Zygmunt Miernik. “I do not know where they came from, who created it, and they are appropriating rights that they do not have the right to appropriate and want to interfere more and more. .


BBC: the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal is an element of the escalating dispute between the EU and Poland

The BBC television also focused on the coverage of the Warsaw demonstration. As indicated, the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal rejected the principle that EU law takes precedence over national legislation. The BBC assessed that the judgment was part of the escalating dispute between the European Union and Poland.

We stay in the EU. Manifestation in the Castle SquareAlbert Zawada / PAP

The BBC report also quoted Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who wrote on Facebook that “polexit is fake news“.

It was noted that politicians, social activists and artists took part in the joint demonstration in Warsaw.

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Main photo source: TVN24, CNN

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