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“We wanted to earn some extra money.” The suspects in the meat poisoning case in Nowa Dęba appeared on camera

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More and more is known about how poisoning from meat bought at the market in Nowa Dęba could have occurred, or at least about the conditions in which what was then bought by unaware people was produced. Those who sold the meat and the prosecutor’s office have a completely different opinion on this matter.

A couple from Mielec sold meat offal at the market in Nowa Dęba. After eating jelly bought from them, a 54-year-old man died, and two women with symptoms of poisoning were taken to hospitals. The sellers agreed to an interview in front of the “Uwagi” TVN camera.

– The farm is small, there is no income. We wanted to earn some extra money. My wife works seasonally. I’m a bit sick and I can’t work professionally. And that’s how it turned out – explained the suspect. They raised pigs themselves and slaughtered them. They prepared the products themselves at home. What were the sanitary conditions like? – It’s like home, they’re probably clean, right? – the woman replied. This version is not confirmed by the investigators who inspected the place.

– The room where these meat products were made was heavily polluted, with no access to hot water. The equipment in this room, I mean tables, boards and devices that were used for this type of things, such as knives, spoons, strainers, were dirty – says prosecutor Andrzej Dubiel from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Tarnobrzeg. The tools were rusty and no disinfectants were found at the site.

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Fatal meat poisoning TVN24

Precise regulations

– My clients ran this small farm for their own needs – assures Leszek Kupiec, the suspects’ attorney. However, they sold the food prepared in this way directly from the car on the square next to the market hall in the center of Nowa Dęba. Their products were popular. The production and trade of food – especially that of animal origin – are regulated by strict regulations.

Supervision is performed by the Veterinary and Sanitary Inspection. The list of restrictions is long. – Confirmation of health requirements regarding staff, as well as fulfillment of these sanitary and hygienic requirements regarding the facility, i.e. cleanliness, clothing, water, storage conditions, labeling conditions for this food – enumerates Józef Lipa, head of the Food Safety and Nutrition Department of the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Katowice . The couple did not report their activities anywhere and did not comply with the strict regulations.

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Sanitary inspectors advise to buy food only in stores or at organized markets and bazaars that are under the constant supervision of state institutions. For now, it is not known what was the direct cause of the death of the 54-year-old from Nowa Dęba. Toxicological tests are ongoing. The main hypothesis is an overdose of nitrates – i.e. meat curing salt.

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