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Weather change. Rainfall, strong winds and high pressure drop at the beginning of the week. Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather

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At the beginning of the week, he will bring us the fall that we do not like the most. Not only that it is cool, but also with rainfall and strong wind – said Tomasz Wasilewski, the TVNmeteo.pl presenter and synopsis, on TVN24. A significant drop in pressure awaits us. Big enough that some of us may feel it as drowsy and feel worse.

Frosts in Poland have been appearing for several nights. As Tomasz Wasilewski pointed out in “Get up and weekend” on TVN24, the night from Saturday to Sunday was “probably the coldest of this whole series of cold nights”. In the morning, the temperature in Kozienice, among others, was -4 degrees Celsius. – This is one of the lowest temperatures in Europe – added Wasilewski.

Nowhere except Belarus and Russia in the lowlands of Central and Eastern Europe have thermometers read lower values. Meanwhile, in Sweden the temperature reached 11 degrees C, and in Norway it even reached 13 degrees C.

Temperature on a Sunday morning in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Where does such a temperature distribution on the continent come from? – For several days, the weather in our part of Europe has been ruled by high mountains. He was over Russia, now he is over Lithuania – explained Wasilewski. The pressure there is as much as 1036 hectopascals, but – as he noted – “this high is going to weaken”.

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– On the other hand, on the Norwegian Sea, there is a river that begins to mix with the weather so much that it is warmer in the north of the continent than in our country, and finally it is so agitated that it will bring us from the middle of the week, and even from Tuesday, autumn which is probably not the most we like. It means not only that it is cool, but also with rainfall and strong wind – said the presenter.

Than “will take control of the weather in our part of Europe”

Warmer air over Scandinavia flowed in due to the “so-called warm stretch in the lowlands”, Wasilewski explained. He added that “we, being under the influence of the boom, still get this Russian cold.” The border between two air masses is above the western part of Poland, therefore the frosts have reached Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia, and thermometers in Germany indicate that the morning values ​​are above zero.

The baric situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

– Than, due to the fact that the high will begin to weaken, it will soon take over the control of the weather in our part of Europe, which means a deterioration of the weather. (…) This entire low-pressure zone is going to come to us at the beginning of the week. (…) On Tuesday, we will all notice no sun, no blue sky, different colors above our heads, and above all, we will feel this change in the form of stronger wind, up to 60 kilometers per hour, and in the form of wet, cooler, sometimes rainy weather – announced the presenter.

On the other hand, frosts should disappear. As Wasilewski explained, “the frosts are mainly related to the high, but it is sunny”. – However, when this humid air flows in, it will be more difficult to get a frost, because at night it will be the weather with a temperature higher than now, but lower during the day – he added.

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in EuropeTVN24

The pressure will drop significantly

A significant drop in pressure will be associated with the change in weather. From today to Tuesday morning it is to drop by 20 hPa. – This is a big decline – Wasilewski pointed out. He noted that it will be spread over two days, but as he emphasized, “such a long-lasting drop in pressure after stable high weather” is felt by people sensitive to changes in weather conditions. These will be conducive to drowsiness or headaches.

– This is such a colossal change that can affect our well-being – added the tvnmeteo.pl presenter

A large pressure drop awaits usTVN24

Main photo source: Shutterstock, tvnmeteo.pl

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