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Weather change. Than Rixa will spoil the weekend. Rain, strong wind and drop in temperature

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After an almost spring Friday, the weather will no longer spoil us this weekend. Today it is worth having an umbrella with you. On Saturday morning, more and more clouds are gathering over Poland, and the rain front is reaching other regions.

On Friday, thermometers in most of the country showed over 10 degrees Celsius, and the warmest was in the west. As much as 15.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in Jelenia Góra – reported the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. The exceptionally high temperature was accompanied by sunny weather, and in some regions the sky was even cloudless.

The weather won’t be good this weekend. Although the values ​​​​on thermometers will still be high for this time of year, rainfall is expected throughout Poland on Saturday, with continuous rainfall in some regions. The wind gusts strongly.

Check the weather forecast details for Saturday.

Low and front

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– Poland fell under the influence of the Rix low pressure system centered over Finland. A cold atmospheric front has entered the country, pushed by the cooler polar sea air flowing from the north-west – informs tvnmeeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. Therefore, the temperature in the west and north of the country will gradually decrease during the day.

In the morning, the rainfall zone associated with the front extends from Warmia, Mazurka and the Suwałki region, through Masovia, the Łódź region, Greater Poland, to Lower Silesia and the Opole region. – It is expected to move further east, displacing warm air masses – adds the forecaster.

Similar weather awaits us on Sunday and next week. It will be mostly cloudy with light rain showers. It will cool down and the wind will be gusty at times.

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