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Weather. Cold from the north flows to Poland. “It’s worth paying attention to what will happen next week”

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Over the next few days, increasingly colder air will flow into Poland from the north of the continent, where it is currently frosty. We don’t expect it in our country yet, but as tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski pointed out in “You get up and the weekend”, the temperature will drop “actually day by day”.

– It’s already winter in Europe, and it’s so solid – said Tomasz Wasilewski on TVN24. In northern Finland, the temperature dropped to -23 degrees Celsius early on Saturday morning. He added that “frosty weather happens there in the morning and during the day.” The temperature difference between the north and south of the continent was 40 degrees. On the Greek island of Karpathos, thermometers at that time showed 22 degrees above zero.

As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter explained, “Poland is in the middle of these two different weather conditions, in a typical November, which today is associated with the presence of an atmospheric front.” The aura in our country is influenced by the low pressure that has been over southern Sweden for many days, as well as the low pressure system of the Balkans.

Cloudy, rainy and foggy

– These two lowlands are connected by fronts. One of them runs over Poland, which is why it rains in the east and in the center – he explained. As he described, “the entire frontal zone is cloudy, humid, there is fog, rain and drizzle everywhere” and will slowly “move away from Poland.”

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Does this mean that we can count on the sun to peek out from behind the clouds? As Wasilewski emphasized, it will still be cloudy because there is a lot of moisture in the air. – Let’s not expect that (…) the weather will clear up – he said.

The emergency situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Cooling “will be systematic”

Cloudy and rainy weather is also forecast for the second day of the weekend and the following week. It will also get colder.

– There is a very frosty high pressure in the north (of Europe – ed.) and is slowly pushing colder air towards us – explained Wasilewski. Although thanks to him the thermometers in Scandinavia have negative values, he noted that in our country “there is no question of frost (…), but the temperature trend shows that it will get colder.”

This can be seen in the forecast temperature chart for Warsaw. On Saturday, thermometers are expected to show 9 degrees Celsius at the warmest moment of the day, and similar values ​​will remain for the next few days. – It’s worth paying attention to what will happen next week. The temperature will drop from the current low of 10 degrees to about five degrees at most during the day, and at night it will be close to zero – emphasized the tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

Forecast temperature for Warsawtvnmeteo.pl

– There will be a slow cooling. We are sliding towards pre-winter or winter, but it will happen very gently. This drop in temperature will not be sudden. It won’t be the case that in the next few days we will wake up and suddenly it will be white and frosty outside. There will be a systematic, but still cooling, practically overnight – summed up Wasilewski.

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