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Weather for 16 days. A new wave of cold is coming from the north. Weather for Easter 2023. Long-term forecast

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Cold weather and night frosts await us during the holiday week. And what about Easter? Check out what else the tvnmeteo.pl presenter, Tomasz Wasilewski, predicts in the long-term temperature forecast for 16 days.

Once again this spring, cold air will flow into the center of Europe, and the cause of this will be a high that forms in the frosty air over the Arctic. The center of this high pressure will move towards the center of the continent and will be over Denmark on Monday – for us, this means that we will find ourselves in a stream of Arctic air that will slide from the north to the south, as far as the Croatian and Italian coasts of the Mediterranean Sea ( see map).

Another cold wave is comingtvnmeteo.pl

Weather for 16 days. Easter weather

In the coming days it will be as cold as at the beginning of April – during the day on thermometers we will see only a little above 0 degrees Celsius, and at night it will be as cold as -6/-7 degrees. It will be a bit warmer, up to 12 degrees and no frost at night, on the Christmas weekend, and later it will warm up to 14/15 degrees. A similar temperature, reaching 16 degrees in the south and west of the country, will also be maintained in the middle of the month.

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The next 16-day temperature forecast for next Sunday.

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