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Weather for 16 days. July weather. Tomasz Wasilewski’s long-term forecast. There will be two hot flashes

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The first heat blast will be temporary, but the next one will last for at least a few days. Check out what else Tomasz Wasilewski predicts in his 16-day long-term weather forecast.

Before we see 30 degrees Celsius on the thermometers, we will start the new week with a temperature that is not too high for summer, especially in the north of Poland, where it will only be around 20 degrees Celsius. This cooler air mass reaches us from the North Atlantic, and its inflow is controlled by than, the center of which will be over Scandinavia on Monday. It is around this low that the air moves from the north-west to the center of Europe and only in a few days, when the low will disappear, will the air circulation change to much warmer from the south (see map).

Weather situation in Europe tvnmeteo.pl

Weather for 16 days

After a moderate temperature at the beginning of the week, when it will be from 20 to 25 degrees C, on Wednesday we will all feel a clear warming, because then the first, short wave of hot air will reach us and it will be even 30 degrees C.

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Then, before the next weekend, the temperature will drop a bit and it may again be around 20 degrees Celsius. Later, however, from July 9, air from Africa will flow to us again and it will be the second and longer wave of hot weather with the maximum temperature lasting for a few days at the level of 28 to 31 degrees C.

The next 16-day temperature forecast for next Sunday.

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