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Weather for 16 days. Long-term forecast. Forecast for June. It will be hot from the south

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In a few days in Poland it may be almost 30 degrees. How long will the summer temperature stay with us? Check in the original, long-term weather forecast for 16 days prepared by tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski.

After a few cooler days, especially nights (with frosts), the temperature returns to June normal. There are several reasons for the warming, but the most important is the gradual heating of the cold air that has recently flowed to us and the change in the position and shape of the high pressure above our part of Europe, which will result in the inflow of a new, much warmer air mass. At the same time, the cold will be pushed to the east of the continent and will also be in northern Scandinavia (see map).

The heat comes from the southtvnmeteo.pl

Weather for 16 days

A gradual warming is ahead of us, which we will feel the most in the middle of the week, because then the thermometers will show 27-28 degrees Celsius, which means it will get hot. A similar temperature, reaching 26 degrees, will also be maintained during the next weekend. The following days, after June 12, will be warm, but not hot and we can expect usually 20 to 25 degrees, and sometimes 26-27 degrees. Then, in the second half of the month, a slight cooling may come and then it will be from 18 to 23 degrees.

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The next 16-day temperature forecast for next Sunday.

Main photo source: Adobe Stock/tvnmeteo.pl

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