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Monday, June 24, 2024

Weather for 16 days. Long-term forecast. It’s cooling down. When will the heat come back?

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The temperature will fall below 20 degrees Celsius in the beginning of the week. When will it get warm again? Check the long-term weather forecast for 16 days prepared by Tomasz Wasilewski.

The high, which has lasted for several weeks in northern and central Europe, is strengthening again. On Monday, and especially on Tuesday, we will all feel the cooler air that will flow to us from the east, directed in this way by the aforementioned high. In turn, the warmest air masses on the continent will be in the south and west of Europe at the beginning of the week – in Great Britain there is a heat wave of thirty degrees (see map).

The bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Weather for 16 days

After a warm, and sometimes even hot, long weekend, we are now waiting for a temporary cooling – until Wednesday, inclusive, the highest temperature in Poland will be 22-23 degrees Celsius, but on Tuesday it will be below 20 degrees almost everywhere. Later it will get warmer again and both during the next weekend and in the following days, ie almost until the end of June, it will be warm or hot – in the south of the country up to 27-28 degrees.

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The next 16-day temperature forecast for next Sunday.

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