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Weather for 16 days: Temperature fluctuations await

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After a fairly warm beginning of spring, we can expect a greater cooling in March. Check what the tvnmeteo.pl presenter, Tomasz Wasilewski, predicts in his original weather forecast for 16 days.

The high from the east of Europe, which provided us with good and warm weather almost everywhere in Poland over the weekend, is slowly weakening. For this reason, from Monday, successive atmospheric fronts will enter the center of the continent, bringing changeable weather, and thus also temperature fluctuations, depending on what air mass will reach our country on a particular day (see map).

A temporary cooldown is comingtvnmeteo.pl

In the beginning of the week, the first day of calendar spring, i.e. Tuesday, March 21, promises to be the coldest – then the thermometers will show from 7 to 12 degrees. The following days will be much warmer and on Thursday in the south of the country it may be 18 degrees. Later, at the turn of March and April, a few days of greater cooling awaits us and generally the temperature is below 10 degrees throughout Poland, and frosts at night.

The next 16-day temperature forecast for next Sunday.

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