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Weather for 16 days. When will it be warm? We may not notice the beginning of spring. Long-term forecast

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When will it be warm? With a few exceptions, March will still be cooler than usual. Check the predictions of tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski in the long-term weather forecast for the coming 16 days.

After the weekend’s temperature jumps, another weather turbulence is ahead of us, i.e. sudden warming and a moment later – also sudden – cooling. The reason for these changeable weather typical for March are active lows moving over Europe. Another such than on Monday will be over Scotland, and then it will move to the Baltic. As a result of his journey, warm air from the south will flow to us first, and then cold air from the north (see map).

There is a temporary warming uptvnmeteo.pl

Weather on 16. Long-term forecast

At the beginning of the week we will all feel the warming, which will be the greatest on Tuesday, because then the temperature will rise up to 15 degrees Celsius. However, on Wednesday it will flow into cold air from Scandinavia and for this reason the thermometers will not exceed 7-8 degrees. This chill, together with night frosts, will last for many days to come, and thus also at the time when astronomical spring begins on March 20. We can count on slow warming and temperatures above 10 degrees only at the end of the month.

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The next 16-day temperature forecast for next Sunday.

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