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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Weather for 5 days and weekend. Rainy, sometimes rain, sleet and storms. Cool air will come in

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Residents of all Poland will feel the change in weather over the next few days. After the sunny and sunny aura, rainfall can occur everywhere. On Tuesday, it is possible to locally rain and snow, it can also thunder. The feeling of coolness will be intensified by a gusty wind.

In the next 24 hours Poland will be under the influence of a low pressure bay related to the Scandinavian low, with the main cold front zone and secondary cold fronts. Cool, fresh mass of unstable polar-sea air will flow in – explained tvnmeteo.pl, Damian Zdonek.

Weather on Tuesday 12.10

Tuesday throughout the country, it will be marked by variable cloud cover, typical for a cool mass of air. This means alternating cloudy skies with light and moderate showers, and mild and moderate clouds without precipitation. In the coastal area, single storms are possible, accompanied by snowfall and / or snowstorms, with varying degrees of intensity. Most rain falls on Tuesday in the west and center of the country – from 4 to 10 liters per square meter.

The maximum temperature in the whole country will be around 10-11 degrees Celsius, only in places 12 degrees C. The wind will be moderate, in the west strong with gusts up to 40 kilometers per hour. It will blow from the west and north-west directions.

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Weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursdaytvnmeteo.pl

Forecasted rainfall in the following daysVentusky.com

Weather on Wednesday 13.10

On Wednesday variable cloud cover is forecast, mostly high in the east and center, and moderate in the west, temporarily low. Expect light showers of rain in all regions, and snow in the Tatras. The greatest amounts of rainfall, up to 2-6 l / sq m, are predicted by weather forecasters for the central belt of Poland.

The thermometers will show a maximum of 9-10 degrees C in the region of Suwałki and Białystok to 11-12 degrees C in the west of the country. A moderate and fairly strong wind will blow from the northwest. In gusts, it will reach speeds of up to 30-40 km / h.

Weather on Thursday 14.10

Thursday in most of the country it will be overcast, increasing to full, and there will be light rainfall of a temporary nature. In the east and in the center the cloud cover will be moderate, you can also expect a lot of lightening. It may fall poorly initially in the south of the country.

The temperature will reach a maximum of 9-10 degrees C in the east to 11-12 degrees C in the west of Poland. The wind will be weak and moderate, southeast.

Weather forecast for Friday and Saturdaytvnmeteo.pl

Weather forecast for the weekend

IN Friday Mostly cloudy weather awaits us with rain in the northern and northwestern regions. More cleansing will occur in the south, southeast and partly in the center of the country. Thermometers will show a maximum of 11-12 degrees C in the east to 14-15 degrees C in the west. The wind will be weak and moderate, west.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy. The maximum temperature will be from 11-13 degrees C in the east to 14-15 degrees C in the west and in the center of the country. A light and moderate wind will blow from the South-East.

Forecasted temperature in the following daysVentusky.com

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