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Weather for 5 days. There's going to be a downturn in the weather at the beginning of July. Cooling down is coming

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The next few days will bring us a big change in the weather. After a hot, muggy end of June, July will begin with unusually low temperatures for this time of year. However, with the colder weather comes cloud cover, which may spoil the holiday plans of many of us.

Poland will remain under the influence of a sunny high from eastern Europe in a stream of warm tropical air this coming night. – The influence of the Annelie low pressure system from Germany will gradually become noticeable from the west, with a zone of a wavy, cold atmospheric front – said Damian Zdonek, a weather forecaster at tvnmeteo.pl. He added that this zone will slowly move into the country, pushing the hot tropical air east and replacing it with fresh air from the Atlantic. A significant cooling will be expected from Monday, which will most likely last until the following weekend. Moderate and heavy cloud cover will dominate throughout the week, with clearings and occasional rain showers, which will gradually disappear in the middle of the week.

The last day of June will be exceptionally hot. Thermometers may show a maximum of 35-36 degrees Celsius in the shade in the center and south of Poland. However, the minimum temperature on the night from Sunday to Monday in the east and center will be 20-22 degrees Celsius. As the weather forecaster said, after the cold front passes, the temperature will be about 8-10 degrees Celsius lower. Such a large temperature difference and favorable conditions for the development of convection will result in the formation of numerous storms on Sunday evening and at night, which may locally be violent.

Forecast temperature in the following days Ventusky.com

Weather for Sunday

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On Sunday, the weather will be clear and sunny. In the west of the country, more cloudiness is forecast, and only there a slight, passing rain is possible in the morning, and there may be thunder in the afternoon and evening. Storms may be violent in places. They will be accompanied by hail and heavy rain. The phenomena will move towards the center. Thermometers will show a maximum of 29 degrees C in Western Pomerania to 34-36 degrees C in the center and south. There will be a moderate, southerly wind, turning from the west to the south-west.

Weather for Monday and Tuesday

Monday will be very cloudy with clear showers, but also some showers. Thunderstorms may occur locally in the east of the country. The maximum temperature will range from 22-23 degrees C in the west to 26-28 degrees C in the eastern regions. The wind from the north-west will be light and moderate.

On Tuesday, heavy cloudiness with clear showers is expected throughout Poland, and in the north and east there will also be light rain showers. The thermometers will show from 18 degrees C in Western Pomerania to 24 degrees C in Podkarpacie. There will be a weak and moderate west wind.

Weather for Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday is expected to be cloudy, and in northwestern Poland there may be occasional rain showers. Thermometers will indicate from 20 degrees Celsius in Western Pomerania and Podkarpacie to 22-23 degrees Celsius in the rest of Poland. The wind from the west will be weak and moderate.

On Thursday, moderate to heavy cloudiness awaits us across the country. There may be occasional rain in Podkarpacie. The maximum temperature will range from 20 degrees C in Western Pomerania and Podkarpacie to 22-24 degrees C in the rest of Poland. Weak and moderate winds will blow mainly from the west, only in the eastern regions of the country it will be variable.

Predicted rainfall in the next few days

Predicted rainfall in the next few days Ventusky.com

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