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Weather for 5 days. This is not the end of violent phenomena. More storms and downpours in the forecast

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The next few days will bring us a lot of warmth, but also many dangerous phenomena. Thermometers will show almost 30 degrees locally, but rainfall and storms will roll through the country. Hail is also possible.

As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Damian Zdonek explained, the weather in Poland will be shaped by the low pressure system Lisa from western Germany and the North Sea. The associated zone of a wavy, cold atmospheric front will be visible in the southeast of the country in the morning. Initially, it will be inactive and will be mainly cloudy and with light, passing rain. During the day it is expected to move towards the center of the country. The peak of activity will fall in the afternoon – then, in the zone from Lubuskie to Podkarpacie, numerous storms with intense rainfall, locally hail. Frontal phenomena may be moderate or strong due to the fact that the warm air of tropical origin flowing into Poland will be partially displaced by colder polar air from the Atlantic.

On Thursday, the front zone will move to the north and east of the country, partially covering the center. On this day, afternoon storms are forecast in these areas, but with slightly less intensity and strength than the day before.

Temperature forecast for the period 22-26/05ventusky.com

Weather for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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On Wednesday, the day promises to be sunny in northern and eastern Poland. A zone of light rain will move from Lower Silesia into the interior of the country, and in the afternoon there will also be thunderstorms, with the greatest intensity in the zone from the Lubuska Region to Podkarpacie. The storms will be accompanied by intense rainfall of up to 30-40 liters of rain per square meter and locally hail. Thermometers will show from 24-25 degrees Celsius in the south to 28-29 degrees C in central Poland. There will be a moderate, gusty wind from the southeast.

Thursday will be very cloudy. Clear weather is expected, but also light rain and thunderstorms from Pomerania to Podkarpacie. The temperature during the day will range from 20-21 degrees C in Western Pomerania to 25-26 degrees C in the Suwałki region. Moderate, gusting quite strong winds in western Poland will turn out to be westerly, and in the east, south-easterly.

On Friday, there will be a sunny weather over Poland with passing rain and thunderstorms in the region of Warmia and Mazurka, through the Łódź Land to Małopolska and Silesia. Thermometers will show from 20-23 degrees C in the north-west to 25-26 degrees C in the south-east of the country. A weak and moderate wind will blow from the southeast.

Rainfall forecast for May 22-26

Rainfall forecast for May 22-26ventusky.com

Weather for the weekend

On Saturday, the sky over Poland will be clear, although there may be local showers and thunderstorms. Thermometers will indicate a maximum of 23-24 degrees C in the north-west to 25-26 degrees C in the south-east of the country. The south-easterly wind will be light and moderate.

Sunday will be marked by clear skies in almost the entire country. Locally, showers and thunderstorms will be possible in the west and Podkarpacie. The maximum temperature will be around 25-26 degrees C. A weak wind will blow from the south.

Main photo source: rustamank/AdobeStock/ventusky.com

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