Weather for 5 days. We will wait for the return of calm weather


The coming days will bring more weather turbulence. The cold front that caused chaos in western Poland on Wednesday has not said its last word yet – on Thursday its influence will be noticeable in other regions. Violent phenomena will be accompanied by high values ​​on thermometers.

– In the next 24 hours, Poland will be within the range of the Elke low pressure system with centers over the North Sea and Scandinavia – said Damian Zdonek, weather forecaster. It will be accompanied by a zone of a wavy cold front, which is already bringing strong and violent storms in the afternoon. storms in the west of the country. In the morning the front zone will extend from Warmia and Mazurkathrough the Łódź region to Silesia. Slightly less active, it will continue eastward, bringing a portion of strong storms to the east of the country in the second part of the day. In addition, during the day, a zone of a secondary cold front will be noted in the west, also with showers and storms.

The next few days do not promise calm weather. Poland will continue to remain in a low-pressure environment, in a stream of unstable air masses, under the influence of successive zones of active atmospheric fronts with occasional rainfall and violent storms.

Temperature forecast for the period

Weather for Thursday and Friday

Thursday will bring heavy cloudiness with clearings and occasional rain. It will thunder during the day, especially strongly in the east in the afternoon. There, precipitation of up to 20-40 liters of rain per square meter is expected, wind gusts reaching speeds of 70-90 kilometers per hour and local hail. Thermometers will show from 23 degrees Celsius in Pomerania to 34 degrees Celsius in Podkarpacie. The wind will be southeasterly, from the west turning to the west, mostly moderate, only very strong during storms.

On Friday, the entire country is forecast to be very cloudy with clearings. In the afternoon, showers and storms may appear in the south and west of the country. The maximum temperature will be from 24-26 degrees Celsius in Pomerania to 31-32 degrees Celsius in Podkarpacie. The wind will be weak, variable in most regions, only southeasterly in the south and west.

Weather for the weekend

Saturday is expected to be cloudy, but the sky is supposed to clear up. In the afternoon, there may be showers and storms throughout Poland. The thermometers will show from 24-25 degrees Celsius in Western Pomerania to 34-35 degrees Celsius in Podkarpacie. Moderate and quite strong winds will blow from the southwest.

On Sunday, the sky over Poland will be cloudy, and in the Podkarpacie region, showers and storms are forecast. The maximum temperature will be from 23°C in Western Pomerania to 30°C in the Podkarpacie region. The south-westerly wind will be weak and moderate.

Weather for Monday

Monday will be a sunny day across the country, with no precipitation. Thermometers will show from 26°C in the Suwałki region to 29°C in the Podkarpacie region. Light winds will blow from variable directions.

Precipitation forecast for the period 11-15.07

Precipitation forecast for the period

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