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Weather for 5 days. Weather in Poland. The fight of two air masses. There will be storms and intense rainfall at their interface

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The coming days will bring rain, quite intense at times, and thunderstorms. Hail may also occur locally. Dangerous phenomena will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind, up to 70 kilometers per hour.

In the coming day, Poland will be under the influence of the lowland bay above Denmark and the related atmospheric front, carrying showers of rainfall and storms. The high pressure located over western Russia blocked the further march of the Atlantic lowlands into the continent, so that the front located over Poland for the next few days will assume an almost stationary character and will not soon leave the eastern regions of our country. The result of such a configuration of barometric systems is the influx of much warmer air mass from the south of Europe over the south-eastern regions of our country compared to its rest, where cooler air flows from the Atlantic. The relatively large temperature differences between these two air masses will favor the formation of storms and more intense rainfall at their interface. Movement in the atmosphere over our part of Europe will be unblocked at the end of the week and then we can expect a more cheerful aura.

Weather for Tuesday. The temperature will reach 28 degrees

Tuesday will be overcast and cloudy with a few showers of 5-10 liters of water per square meter. From Małopolska, through the Lodz Region and Mazowsze, to masuria and the Suwałki Region will experience more intense rainfall of 10-15 l / sq m, and in the afternoon and evening – thunderstorms. During unloading, it will drop to 30 l / sq m, hail is also possible. It will not rain only in the western belt and in the south-east of Poland. Thermometers will show a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius in Western Pomerania, through 24 degrees C in the center of the country, to 28 degrees C in Podkarpacie. Light and moderate winds blow south and south-west. During storms it will be quite strong, in gusts it can reach 50-70 kilometers per hour.

Temperature forecast for the following daysventusky.com

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Weather for Wednesday and Thursday. Thunderstorms will appear, locally with hail

Wednesday in the eastern half of the country will be overcast with showers of up to 10-15 l / sq m. and thunderstorms with precipitation of 20-30 l / sq m. Hail may occur locally. In the western half of Poland, there will be moderate cloudiness, sometimes large, locally with little rainfall below 5 l / sqm. Thermometers will show a maximum of 19-20 degrees C in the strip from Małopolska to Masuria to 26-27 degrees C in the south-east. In the rest of the country the temperature will reach 22-24 degrees Celsius. The wind will blow mostly from the west, only in the east and south-east. It will be weak and moderate, only quite strong in a storm, when it will reach speeds of up to 70 km / h.

On Thursday, weather forecasters forecast that it will be cloudy with clear spells. Throughout the country, rainfall will reach 5 l / sq m. There will be storms in the southeast and south, during which it will drop to 20 l / sq m. The temperature at the hottest moment of the day will be from 21-22 degrees C in most of the country to 25 degrees C in Podkarpacie. A weak and moderate wind from changing directions will blow, quite strong in storms, accelerating to 70 km / h.

Precipitation forecast for the following days

Precipitation forecast for the following daysventusky.com

Weather for Friday and Saturday. Showers

Friday will be cloudy in the east of the country. There, it also temporarily rains 5-10 l / sq m. In the central strip, the cloud cover turns out to be high, sometimes it falls light, showers up to 5 l / sq m. The remaining regions of Poland will enjoy a bright aura. The thermometers will show a maximum of 20 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 21 degrees C in the center of the country, to 22 degrees C in the west. The northwest wind will blow moderately.

On Saturday, a bright aura will be added across the country. Thermometers will show a maximum of 21 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 23 degrees C in the center of the country, to 24 degrees C in the west. Northwest and northwest winds will be moderate.

Forecast of gusts of wind for the following days

Forecast of gusts of wind for the following daysventusky.com

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