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Weather for Christmas 2023. Weather for Christmas Eve. Weather for Christmas 2023. Will it snow?

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Weather forecast for Christmas. What weather conditions will prevail during the holidays? Check the preliminary weather forecast for Christmas Eve, December 25 and 26, prepared by tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Artur Chrzanowski.

Weather for Christmas Eve

As Saturday’s forecast shows, the sky over Poland will be cloudy on Christmas Eve. Rain is expected in the south and sleet in the north-western regions. The thermometers will show from 1 degree Celsius in the Suwałki region, through 3 degrees C in the center of the country, to 5 degrees C in the south-east. The wind will blow mainly from the west, moderate, but with gusts reaching speeds of up to 40-60 kilometers per hour.

Predicted rainfall on bank holidaysventusky.com

Christmas weather

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The first day of Christmas will bring us cloudy weather, but most of the time it will not rain – it will only rain in south-eastern Poland. The maximum temperature will range from 0 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 1 degree C in the center and the southwest, to 2 degrees in Western Pomerania and Podkarpacie. The wind from the west will blow weakly and moderately.

On the second day of Christmas, the sky over Poland will also be cloudy, and snow may fall in Podkarpacie. Thermometers will indicate from -1 degrees C in the Suwałki region, through 3 degrees C in central Poland, to even 4 degrees C in the west. In the north, the wind will blow from the southwest, and in the south, from the northeast. These will be weak gusts.

Forecast temperature on holiday days

Forecast temperature on holiday daysventusky.com

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